Being done with breastfeeding means many things to me. It means for the first time in over a year and a half I have my body back, it means my son no longer needs me to give him nutrition, and it means that I am both happy and sad it’s over. But of all the things, I think there is one thing that I am EXTREMELY happy about, and that is that I get to say a big Buh Bye to my nasty nursing bras!

When it came time to buy my nursing bras I stuck to the basics…Nude, Nude and more Nude. I didn’t want to buy a whole bunch since I didn’t know exactly how long I would continue to breastfeed, and who wants to pay all that money for a bra that won’t be worn for longer than a year? Not me! So I only bought a few, and it worked for me. But boy were those bras BORING!

When you only have 4 bras to rotate through they begin to get a bit worn and boy did mine! I came to hate those bras. They are a necessary evil of course, and there really is no way around them. But now that I am done I am throwing those babies out!

Next time around if I am lucky enough to successfully breastfeed I will have to buy new ones because these my friends are going in the garbage! OK, that may be harsh. I will admit that they are put in a bag in my closet. I don’t plan to using them again, but I hate to throw things out so they are in a “just in case” bag. Hey, you never know right?

So BYE BYE ugly nursing bras! I may miss a few things about nursing but you certainly aren’t one of them!! Adios! Bon Voyage! Hooray!!!