boob nursing

As a nursing mom I am always looking for “easy access” when it comes to the clothes I wear during my every day. I love nursing tank tops, and button up shirts, but in the winter months it’s hard to find shirts that make nursing easy. That is when I found Boob Nursing Wear, and the B-Warmer Hoodie and thought “why don’t more companies have this?”. It’s easy access in a shirt that is warm, functional, and wearable all at the same time.

The B-Warmer Hoodie ($99) is an investment in nursing ease. As any nursing mom knows once you add the word “maternity” or “nursing” in front of any item the cost goes up, but these days I am looking at it as an investment. Yes you only use it while you are pregnant or nursing, but being able to easily nurse your child on demand makes paying for something like this shirt more of a no brainer.

The front overlap has a supple fleece lining to keep your bosom warm and snug, while the rest of the garment is cool and comfortable in a soft fabric in 95% certified organic cotton and 5% elastane. Nursing the second time around has forced me to become comfortable nursing in many more public places. Let’s face it I have no shame these days, but having a shirt that is both descreet and easy is so helpful. When Tessa was a newborn I wore this shirt all the time when I was out just so I could quickly nurse her with out the struggle of lifting or unbuttoning a shirt.

Boob Nursing Wear has a ton of great options for the nursing mom. I am hoping to check out more of their outfits! I wish more companies would embrace the idea of easy nursing, but I am glad Boob has. I definitely recommend giving it a try!

I was provided with a B-Warmer Hoodie for the purposes of this review. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.