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This week my family had a large blow when one afternoon I got the call that our dog that has been a part of the family for 12 1/2 years had to be put to rest. Although she was older, and my parents told me she wasn’t acting like herself I honestly didn’t see it coming. I wouldn’t consider Lexi “my dog” necessarily since my parents got her when I was already away at college, but I will say that she has always been a fixture in my childhood home since, and like most dogs was a best friend to my mom, dad. and brother…especially my dad. It’s always hard to lose a pet. As a matter of fact I insist on my dog Tinkerbell to live FOREVER…but I digress. I can’t even imagine what they are feeling right now as the house is empty. All any of us can do is be happy that she didn’t suffer, or at least not for long. As we mourn such a good dog and friend it’s important to think of the good times.

Alexis Foley was supposed to a 35 lb lap dog. She was supposedly a Wheaton Poodle mix (although we think she is part wolf) and ended up being 75 lbs! She did believe she was a lap dog and would squeeze herself onto a little ottoman or the couch like she was a tiny thing. I feel like from day one Lexi thought she owned the house. She became my dad’s shadow. Two peas in a pod. I feel like a dog always latches on to one person in the family most, and although it was my mom who fed her and gave her water in the beginning she latched to my dad.

Lexi had to be the pack leader. When our neighbors got their dog my parents were worried that they would have to get a fence to keep the two apart, but they became fast friends and soon enough Lexi believed that not only did she own the Foley home, that she owned the neighbors yard too. Her and Milo ran and played over the years and kept each other young. Milo passed first, and now t’s nice to think of the two of them playing together again.

When we got our Tinkerbell we were very worried to introduce her to Lexi. Most dogs weren’t allowed to come near the house, but it was like she knew Tink was special, and from day one welcomed her into the house. It was funny to watch Lexi at 75 lbs  and Tinky at 3 running and playing. Same thing happened when we brought home our son. She sniffed the carrier and welcomed him. We never feared Lexi with our son. She knew he was a part of the family and treated him as such.

Lexi hated the hot and loved the cold. I am so happy that she got to see snow one more time before it was time for her to go. She would go out onto the porch and stick her nose right in it. She loved to just lay out in the cold. The summer was her enemy but even though she hated it she would protect everyone in the family from that dreaded back yard pool. She would almost be having a heart attack, but would run around that pool and bark and cry as we swam making sure we didn’t drown. She would never jump in….but she was on patrol…always.

This past Christmas I got my dad a present that I couldn’t have known would come in handy so soon. It was a portrait of Lexi in her younger days. I went to Colleen at Just Paint It Pets on Etsy. I knew she would do an AMAZING job because she did a portrait of my Tinkerbell a little while back. She didn’t disappoint and painted the picture you see at the top. She is amazing to work with and I think she captured Lexi perfectly, and I am glad my parents have this memento in their home. I know I have my portrait of Tinky in our upstairs Hallway!

Dogs are just amazing. They are loyal and love you unconditionally, and Lexi was no different. She was driven by her love of food, and ate more than probably any other dog I have seen. If you left any food around it was gone in a second. Even if you were my son trying to eat lunch on a little kid table in the family room. I don’t think it’s hit me that she won’t be there the next time I visit my parents. She has just always been there.

We love you Lexi girl. You will be forever missed.