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As life moves forward and as we go about our every day I find time moving much faster this time around than it did with baby number one. Winter sucks and is dragging big time, but if the days are long, the months are short. My baby girl is turning 5 months! When did that happen? I just realized that my son was five months when he started with food. Is it time for that already?! With all that goes on I haven’t been able to think and dwell on all the growing my baby girl is doing. It’s good and bad. I have been up at night with my girl waking like a newborn and it’s frustrating. I’m tired, but she has been sick so then I feel bad for being frustrated. Then I realized HOLEY MOLEY! Maybe she’s hungry!? I started food with my son a week before five months because he was waking. Are we there already? With him I thought about it and I read about it and over thought it. I planned for food. This time around I’m like “oh hey I guess it’s time for food?”. People tell you about the second child syndrome and it’s so true! Poor thing. Soon enough she will be joining us at the dinner table. As I am up at night I rock her and kiss her little head. It’s in these moments that I realize how short lived these months are. I’m so tired. I struggle with the night waking again but I know soon it won’t be that way anymore. The first time around I didn’t know when I would end but now I know we are almost there. I look forward to sleep, but I will miss the special time we have together at night. It’s then that she snuggles best and I do love that. As I think of all that she can do already and what we have to come in a few months I can’t believe it. Soon she will be on the move. Really!? It is all happening so fast. it’s good and bad that I can’t dwell on the moving of time. I think it would make me sad to think about it too much. Time moving means my kids are growing up. As much as a blur these months have been I know I will look back and miss it. I just saw pictures in my time hop of my little boy two years ago and can’t believe how much he’s grown. See…just writing this post is making me dwell on it! Yikes! But in our every day it moves fast…and at least it won’t make me sad….so much more to experience!