2015-02-18 14.42.38-1My little peanut I can’t believe you are five months! It kind of snuck on me! I have called you peanut since the day you were born and it kind of stuck. Your brother thinks your name is “Girl Girl Tessa Barbie” but what can you do? He denies your middle name is Lynn and prefers Barbie…it’s cute.

At five months your nickname peanut works cause you are on the shorter end in the 12% but a chubby one in the 60% for weight. That means that breastfeeding is still working and although not easy, I know I am doing my job and getting you nourishment. Phew!

You love to see what is going on in the world. At home you tend to get bored with whatever you are doing after 5 minutes but can stroll around and look around at everything while we run errands. It is nice for me that you are so easy going while we are out because we have so many places to drive your brother to, but I have to admit being home can be frustrating.

You got sick for the first time the other week. It was inevitable since your brother was sick for so long. I tried to keep you from it but failed. You got the dreaded RSV and was on a nebulizer. I hated it. I hated to watch you weez and have a stuffy nose. But like everything else you took it in stride. You were smiley and pleasant and when I brought you to the doctor you just smiled at him and made me look like a liar, but I’ll take it. I’d take your smile over tears any day.

Some things I want to remember….You make a noise that I call your gremlin noise. You gurgle in a really low deep voice and smile. You seem so proud of your noise! Nursing doesn’t settle you during the day. Your brother used to go into a milk coma but not you. The moment you are finished you abruptly pull yourself off and arch your back. It’s kind of cute and frustrating at the same time. Another thing? You hate the bottle. It’s hit or miss whether you decide to take it, and that is hard for someone who is watching you (which isn’t often) as well as me because I feel guilty leaving. You love your chubby cheeks to get kissed or nuzzled. You will just smile and allow me to do it forever which I love. Your cheeks are the best!

I apologize to you my second child because we are on the go so much. This winter has been bitter cold but you get bundled up and taken with us everywhere. I’m hoping the spring time will be good for us both. I can’t wait to get outside and walk with you and chat. You love errands and I can’t wait to feel more inclined to do them. It’s just been too darn cold!

I love you little girl!

Love Mommy