On the Monday of Memorial Day weekend I found myself walking around Belmont with my son holding hands with both Captain Awesome and myself and I almost started to cry. At that moment I was just so happy! How could anyone else out there be as lucky as me? The weather was finally warm…my son’s smile makes any day special, and I got to share all those moments with my partner and best friend. That was a shining moment of the weekend. Other moments were a little touch and go, but all in all the weekend was a good one.

If you know me you know I hate winter, and the beginning of summer is always a milestone I wait for every year. That’s why the rain and cold that started the weekend off was such a let down. My parents came to town for what was supposed to be our “we finally have a back yard” BBQ, and it rained. I had so many plans for that weekend, and most were shot down due to rain. Biggest plan of all was our BBQ that let about 40 people to party in our home. Yes, we could’ve cancelled, but not us. We can’t turn our backs on a good party so we persevered. We smiled and served our new family signature cocktail…the Gindakis….I think people still had a good time. I know we did, and I still have the mess to prove it.

Of course the weather turned the moment  my parents were set to leave and our party was over. I hate to sound like a Debbie Downer, but that’s just how my 2013 seems to be going. Par for the course! Either way I was happy to see some sun. The morning was spent with friends at the local animal farm, and the afternoon was spent at a friends BBQ. The little man had a blast. I get such joy in watching him play with other kids.

That brings us to the Memorial Day that brought tears to my eyes. We woke up to sun and warm weather. The same friends we went to the animal farm with invited us to Belmont to see the horse races. It was such a great event. Music, playgrounds, food trucks, picnic tables, face painting and horse racing. When we asked the little guy who he wanted to win the race he said “bulls eye”. Of course the horse from Toy story. Who else should win? I’m not sure why I found the day so special but I did. I was just so happy at that moment. Who am I to question? After that we went to the inlaws for a BBQ and that rounded out the weekend.

I’m not going to lie. I wish we had more sun and warmth that weekend. So many of my plans were ruined. I didn’t even get to light my tiki torches that I have been waiting YEARS to have! But, we rolled with the punches and had a good weekend despite of the weather. That’s how we roll…Ok…I’m not a roll with the punches kind of girl but I think I did pretty well…I hope you all had an amazing Memorial Day weekend too.