I am nowhere close to be a spontaneous person, but last week something came over me and I got the bug to travel. I didn’t know where, when or how, but I knew I wanted/needed to get away! You may not believe me, but if Captain Awesome told me we were able to travel to Europe I would’ve packed a bag in a day and taken my son on a big jet airplane to see some new sites. I was THAT motivated. I knew Europe wasn’t realistic so I shrunk down my expectations…I mean really shrunk down. I approached the Captain with a weekend getaway idea and he excitedly agreed. His only change was to make it for one night vs. two. So we crossed our fingers that all the stars would align for the two of us to get away with out the little man, and they did! Mystic Connecticut look out!

It has been just under a year since The Captain and I got away just the two of us, so I figured it was time. First obstacle? Child care. Who would watch our little man? My parents were coming the following week so I wasn’t going to ask them, so the obvious choice was my Mother In Law. Lucky for us she was free, and excited to have some time with the little dude. Knowing he’d be well taken care of took a lot of the stress of going away off my shoulders.

Next was where to travel. Since we were only going for one night we didn’t want to go far. We put a two hour limit on travel and started the search. Choice number one was Montauk or Eastern Long Island but it seemed like everyone and their mother had the same idea so all were booked. Not to mention the 2 night minimum of the summer season began in May…so that was out. I had heard of Mystic and in the spirit of not overthinking things we just went with that!

As for hotels we weren’t picky. We chose the Mariott Residence Inn in Mystic and were very pleased with the choice. It was close enough to the main town, very close to old Mystic, and best of all…for the price of the regular room we got a suite! Breakfast is also included, can’t really go wrong with that!

Mystic isn’t huge by any means. As a matter of fact it looks like many of the harbor towns where we live. The stores are quaint, and you can just tell that the people that go there come back year after year. One HUGE highlight was our stop at Mystic Pizza. Do you remember that movie? The one with Julia Roberts? LOVE IT! I have ALWAYS wanted to go there and now was my chance. My review? Great! and even better served cold later. A little FYI..their ranch dressing is to die for and amazing to dip your crust in to! My biggest negative was that they don’t sell the cute T shirts that the waitresses wear..I was so excited to buy one only to find they didn’t have the T shirts like in the movie. I’m heartbroken. But my 8 year old self is satisfied. I finally made it to Mystic Pizza!

We wandered through town, shopped a bit, did a ghetto self tour of some houses on the outskirts of Mystic Harbor, and hit the cute shops in old Mystic. It was a really nice day with lots of laughs. Dinner was on the water, and we ended it early back in our room. It really was a great day.

I was reminded how important it is to get away as husband and wife. We play the role of mom and dad every day, and its great to get back to remembering why we truly like each other. Mystic was a cute town. A great short getaway. When do we get to go again!?