When I found out I was pregnant and had some time to let that sink in and get excited I began to allow myself to think about what comes next when the baby is born. One major theme that kept creeping into my mind was the fact that I soon would be a breastfeeding mom again. If I think back on my experience breastfeeding my son for a full year I remember it as a positive one. I remember loving it, and I remember crying and being sad when it was all over. Then I thought a little harder and thought back to those first few weeks and months. I looked back on my old posts and remembered how hard it all was in the beginning and I panicked a bit. Would I be able to do it? How will I put all the time it takes to nurse in when I have a 3/4 year old that needs my attention. To be honest it sounded daunting. Then, my daughter was born and they put her to my breast the moment she was born and it was amazing. I remembered what needed to be done, and she instinctively did what she was supposed to do. I was ready to give it a try….I was ready ….I think….

Let me start by saying to anyone who is going to try to breastfeed a second time that I found it to be ALOT easier. I shouldn’t say easier. It’s more that it felt easier because I knew what to expect. I knew it would be hard. I prepared for the worst and hoped for the best and the good news was that it wasn’t so bad. She struggled a bit in the beginning when my milk didn’t come in right away, but I didn’t allow myself to panic. It would come…I knew it. I believe in feeding on demand so I wasn’t looking for a schedule. I was prepared for her to eat every 2 hours or even less. The first time around I was surprised at how much my son wanted to eat. This time? I was ready.

I must say my daughter was good. Although she liked to eat a lot, once she did she was happy and satisfied. She woke at night like I would expect a newborn to do. But once she ate she went right back to sleep and for that I was very thankful. I’m not going to lie. I didn’t hate the night time feedings. I didn’t with my son either. I think my saving grace was that we put a TV in her room and I got to watch my shows while she ate. It felt nice to be just me and her. It would’ve been a different story had she been a crier, but she wasn’t. Thank goodness!

I also am more comfortable nursing. The learning curve isn’t there like it is the first time. Also, I have no shame. If my daughter needs to eat I figure it out. I even attempted to nurse her while at the pumpkin patch when she was in a carrier. I failed lol…but I tried! But I have succeeded in nursing in the car, at restaurants, on a boat to Connecticut and I think the weirdest place would be at Sleepy’s. (In my defense, she was a good girl all day and it was way over her time to eat and we were buying our bed…the staff just had to deal! luckily they were so nice about it!) I find bottles difficult and nursing just is easier for me if possible…luckily I have no shame!

Don’t get me wrong. It still isn’t easy. I wish I could drink as many cups of coffee as I want whenever I want. I wish I didn’t have to think about what foods I was eating and whether it would affect her tummy. Some days she still wants to eat every 2 hours and it’s still daunting. It sucks to have to come home after dropping my son off at school before errands because she needs to eat. Same goes for not being able to do what I want during the day because of her feeding schedule. As much as she has had to adapt to my sons schedule, we also have had to adapt to hers…

Let me write a disclaimer in saying that she is a good baby which makes it all a lot easier. She has such a good disposition. I am just saying that it feels easier this time around. The biggest thing is knowing that there is an end. My son dropped the 3-4 am feeding once he started solids, so I just tell myself another month or so..I can do that! I also remember how much easier it was at 6 months. I have a feeling we will be there before I know it!

Bottom line? it’s been going well if you ask me. Breastfeeding will always be hard, but I am happy she took to it. So far so good!