This post is going up late…but better late than never right?

Dear Tessa,

Wow little girl you are getting so big and strong. 3 months is such a big milestone. It’s one that I kept in my head from the moment you were born because it was the time that I could feel safer about bringing you out and about around all the nasty germs out there. With your brother I had the luxury of being more careful, but since I wasn’t able to just stay home as much as I could with him we had to face the world a little sooner. Luckily, we made it to three months with little trouble in the sick department (minus one little cold), and for that I am thankful.

You are a happy and content little girl. You love to watch the world go by and I would say that you prefer us being out and about running errands over being at home. You love to watch out the window as we drive, and you stay awake pretty well as we stroll around doing errands. You are a cat napper, but other than that you are awake and happy. Even though internally I get nervous thinking you will break down and cry while we do what we have to do you always come through and just smile at me. I love talking to you as we shop, and now that we have the stroller which allows your brother to sit and ride too, you love watching and sitting with your brother. As a matter of fact your brother loves to sit and snuggle with you as we stroll around. Sometimes a little too much!

You won’t take the pacifier and it’s driving me nuts. Not sure why it bothers me so much. I should be happy, but I would love it as something I could do to sooth you. I try every day, but nope…you won’t take it. You may like your lovey more. I put your pink bunny in your swing with you during your little naps. You love to rub it against your face and cuddle with it. I take comfort that it seems to be the thing to sooth you if a pacifier does not.

Sleep is still sporadic. On average you get up once a night between 2 and 4 and again between 7 and 9. Some nights though you still do the newborn thing and wake at 1 and 5 which makes mommy tired. The good news is that this time around I can remind myself that there is an end to the lack of sleep and I am trying my best to take it in stride. You still nurse quickly at night and go right back to sleep so I really can’t complain. I love our night time snuggles. You don’t really like to cuddle much during the day, preferring to sit and look outwards, so night time I love to just watch you eat and lay in my arms. I know it won’t always be that way.

So we made it to three months little one. We are at the stage where you are more awake and alert and sleep less during the day. I am doing my best not to wish the next stage upon us, so I am enjoying just where we are. I know only too well how quickly time passes.

I love you little girl