spilled milk

Not only can I not believe that my daughter is already 6 months old, I can’t believe that I have finished 6 months of breastfeeding! The first time around I felt like I would dwell on all aspects of breastfeeding. I saw how wonderful it was but I also saw how much I was giving up to do it. This time around I’ve had no time to think about it at all. I just did it. I go about my business and I nurse wherever and whenever I have to. Now, six months in I am getting to the easy part. I have made it! I have nursed my second child through the hard infant months of 8-10 times a day. Although I am still a slave to nursing I know it will get so much easier here on out. Now I can enjoy it.

I nursed my son for the full year. I honestly think that I could’ve nursed him beyond that, but I felt that it was time to stop after he turned one. It was a very hard time for me because although it was a challenge. It was also such a special experience. At least that is how I chose to remember it. This time around I knew my goal was to nurse the full year again, but I kept telling myself that if it didn’t work out “it would be OK”. But it worked out, and worked out great. She took to it from the start (well the first few days were tough), and nurses so fast that she is done in no time at all. I wouldn’t say she is a cozy nurser like her brother, but she gets in and out quick. We can tell by her chunky cheeks and belly that she’s getting all the nutrition she needs. It feels good.

These days we are down to about 4 times a day. Wow…did you read that? FOUR TIMES! How did I fit in 8-10??? Did I really do that? Yes, I did. Now, although I still have to work out daily schedule around making sure she gets fed it is so much easier. If I remember correctly it was around this time that some of the baby fog lifts. I am hoping that soon she will sleep from 7-7 (she still wakes once, but goes to bed around 6:45) and that soon I can be able to feel more like a person again.

All I can think was…I did it. if things go awry from here on out I can at least say I exclusively breastfed for 6 months (well I started food at 5 months but who’s counting). I feel a sense of accomplishment. I do. I was worried about being able to nurse with all the demands my son brings but looking back there was really nothing to worry about. She did great, he did great, and not to pat myself on the back, but I think I did pretty great too.

Breastfeeding certainly isn’t the easy choice. Far from it, and nursing beyond 6 months is a luxury (did I really use the word luxury?) that many choose not to take. I have to admit that many of my close friends and my sister nursed a year and beyond and that is amazing support for me. They are great company to be in. I just hope that things continue to go as well as they have been.

So I made it. The homestretch is in site. Here we go!