2015-03-19 16.40.16-1Sorry this post is so late dear Tessa!

My little peanut. Six months? Really? Can it be? In my mind six months is such a milestone. If 3 months was one then 6 is the next. It begins the stage in which your personality starts to come out and boy do I see it. Now is the time that you start learning things so fast. I love watching you learn every day.

I sometimes think you are a serious baby but I am not always sure that is the case. I call the face you make your WTF face because you stare at someone…even me….stone faced, but I am not always sure that’s the case. I think you are thoughtful and curious and you take it all in. Sometimes I can see your mind working. You just stare, and think. I am not sure what you are thinking exactly but it looks like your brain is churning constantly!

You make your presence known. There is no putting you down, or doing anything unless you are involved. Since you don’t like being put down I carry you a lot in the Ergo baby and you love it. I don’t blame you. I love having you close to me too. it’s how I get things done when I need to. Most dinners are cooked with you on my chest. You are content and happy watching me do my chores.

We started food. I wouldn’t go as far as to say you love it, but you took to it very well. There was no gagging or anything it’s just that you don’t seem to LOVE anything. As I write this you are about six and a half months and doing MUCH better, but if I am to write this as if you are just six months I’d say some meals are a challenge. The main one being breakfast. It’s hit or miss. Dinner is much better. I thought that food would help you sleep but it’s made no difference. You still wake once a night. It could be at any time, so I am not sure what to think but there isn’t sleeping 7-7. Since you are up so much during the day you are asleep normally by 6:45. You are pretty much done with the day starting around 6:00. I hear ya…me too! I am not sure what to do about the waking because you just seem so hungry when I check on you! You eat and go back to sleep till about 7:30 which is great…so is it habit or are you hungry? The jury is still out.

You love your brother so much. I love seeing how you look at him. I hope you look at him like that forever. He makes you laugh more than anyone else. Anything he does you find funny. Even if it’s pretend burp in your face or stick his butt up at you. Yes, he’s all boy and will doing these things to you for the rest of your life. But he loves you, and you adore him.

This month we pierced your ears. Yes, I took my little baby girl to the doctor and pushed holes in her ears. you took it like a champ! You look so pretty with pierced ears. I hope I made the right choice and that they don’t give you any trouble. So far so good. They say that babies have no nerve ending in their ears, and the fact that you don’t complain about them makes me believe its true. It’s just so cute!

You roll everywhere you want to go. I am struggling to make our living space safe for you since to tend to gravitate towards anything dangerous but it’s hard. Your big brothers toys get smaller and smaller by the day, and I need to watch you like a hawk to make sure you don’t choke on them. Add that to the fact that you hate being confined in one space for more than a minute I always have to be on guard. It’s a challenge.

Thus far you refuse to nap in your crib. I blame myself a lot on that. We are on the go so much for your brother that we’ve had no chance to work on a routine. I guess that’s the nature of baby number two. I’m sorry. The good news is that you are a happy, content baby who seems to go with the flow. If there are any flaws it’s that you don’t love being home. You love being out and about watching the world. You love errands and being in the car.

If I could describe you right now it’s determined and curious. You work hard to figure things out and your mind seems to always be working. You are on the move constantly, and I cherish our night time routine so that I get the chance to snuggle with you. It’s hard to keep up! I read my post about your brother at this age and it seems that he was the same way. I wonder what type of girl you will be. Now begins the months which I get to see your personality begin to blossom. I can’t wait.

I love you baby girl.