I can’t believe we have come back around to Christmas. It is my most favorite time of year, and last years Christmas, although different, was so special because my son was in my life. Now, this year, we are back to celebrating in the ways that I know and love with an added addition, and I could not be more excited. On this Christmas Eve…Eve…I get to wait in anticipation for my son’s SECOND Christmas. Such a magical time of year!

Finding out the “truth” about Santa Claus pretty much destroyed me. After that I still had my brother and sister to bring the magic to, but after that I have to admis some of the Christmas magic was lost. But a child changes everything. Having a child brings everything that is wonderful about the Christmas season back again.

My dad cracked jokes about all the presents I wrapped so that Santa could be good to Christian. I put little stickers on them saying “To: Christian From: Santa”. He said that he wouldn’t know the difference, but you know what? I would. Maybe alot of it is for me, but whatever. Christmas is about the kid now. I told my family that I didn’t want any presents for me and I meant it. Any money that they would’ve spent on me should go to my son. Does he “need” anything? NO! But I get so much joy out of watching him get things that that is more of a present then I could ever get! Christmas needs to be all about him and and I couldn’t be happier.

This Christmas will be spent with me or The Captain opening all of Christian’s presents, with him being most excited about the wrapping paper and boxes they came in. That’s OK. I know that it will be a Christmas that I will remember forever. Hey, even last year when he was 4 weeks old I made The Captain sit there with Christian and open all of his presents from Santa Christmas morning. Can you imagine next year?

So Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! I hope you have a fantastic holiday and that Santa treats you well! I know you all deserve it!