valentines day

As you know I am a big advocate of trying to keep your marriage strong after having kids. Trust me, (and I am sure Captain Awesome will agree) I am not great at it. I still get preoccupied and put my sons needs over most things, but I remind myself often how much we all need to be happy in marriage if we are to be happy as a family. That is why I like Valentine’s day. It’s not for everyone. As a matter of fact many people look at it as a “hallmark holiday”, but I don’t. I think any day that can remind you to put a little romance back into your relationship is a good day. That is why we celebrate Valentine’s day every year.

What is wrong with a day centered around romance? If you can honestly tell me that you have romance in your life all the time, and that you don’t need an excuse for a date night then I give you permission to call it a Hallmark holiday. But if we are to be honest with ourselves and to eachother, I have a feeling we’d all confess that a lot of times “date nights” get put on hold, candles are left in the drawers, and a night where you just focus on you and the one you love (ie spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, pet or even yourself) just gets put on hold. Why is that right? You can say we don’t need Valentine’s day, but we do.

Captain Awesome isn’t the most romantic person…true story. But I never let him off the hook on Valentine’s day. It’s always been a special day in our relationship. In the year 2000 we went on our first date, and we have been going to the same restaurant every year since. Even on the year we got engaged at that same restaurant. It’s special to us, and it’s been a nice tradition. On top of that gifts are a must. I don’t care if it’s a homemade gift (ok yes I do), but I think it’s important to make someone feel special. I’d love to hear all your counterpoints on this, but if it’s “I can’t buy what I want for myself”, or “My loved one could give me a gift any time” I’d ask you to stop, because you know that most people don’t just get random gifts, and if you do….I’m jealous!

Bottom line is that any time you get an excuse to tell someone you love them, give an extra hug or a kiss, or even remember to do something nice for yourself is a good day in my book. It’s a day where I smile when I get a card. A day when I get to go out to dinner with my husband and enjoy some child free time, and a day that I get to call my family, say hello and wish them a Happy Valentine’s day because I love them. So I hope you get a day that makes you smile, and if I can be so bold I wish you a day/night of romance in what ever manner that you feel is appropriate…or even inappropriate….cause you deserve it!