santa late

I am a Christmas girl through and through. I take pride in the fact that I am comfortable buying Christmas presents any time I see a deal, and even more so I am pleased to say I refrain from sharing my Christmas spirit with others till after Thanksgiving (none of this November business for me!). So when my friend brought up the great idea of buying tickets for a Christmas themed train ride in Connecticut I was excited. Then…my dreams were crushed. I was informed that as of 8/7/13 I was too late….It was BOOKED!

WTF? How is this possible? I even looked into other ones and no go. The Polar Express themed one in New Jersey said “SOLD OUT FOR 2013”. They said tickets will go on sale 8/1 2014!! Did it really sell out so quick?

I hate that I didn’t get the mommy memo that really fun Christmas activities need to be booked in August. Lesson learned I guess. It has taken me almost 3 years to finally realize I need to get kid holiday items early. Every year I tried to buy my son a Halloween shirt in October only to find they were already sold out. Not this year. This year I already bought his…BOOM! So I’m a slow learner?

I had reservations about whether or not my son would be interested in the train ride, but now that I CAN’T go on the train I want it even more. I wish I didn’t even know about it. Now I want something I can’t have. Bummer! How did I miss out on Christmas fun already?