I want to welcome After The Alter’s newest sponsor….Behr’s!! Behr’s Baby and Kids Furniture Store is a Long Island based store and is the place where we bought our son’s nursery furniture. They have so much to offer, and I am so happy to have them as a supporter!

Behr’s is a family owned store, and has been since 1906. I LOVE this about the store, and is a major reason I chose to buy our furniture there. It’s nice to know that you are helping out a local business, when I think of a family owned business I think “personal”. I too work for a family business and that is exactly what we boast to our customers…friendly personal service and that is exactly what you get at Behr’s! They really have something for every customer. The person that wants the less expensive crib, the person who really wants their crib made in America, as well as that customer who wants the finest crib money can buy.

They do things no one else does: a 30% deposit locks in the price and gets your order placed, but it’s fully refundable at any time until the furniture is in your home, AND when it comes in, they will hold it in their warehouse for as long as you like before it’s delivered and assembled by their people, on their trucks. It was such an easy process to get our furniture. I wanted nothing to do with having Captain Awesome try to put the set together, so having their people come to do it really made it all that much easier.

The bottom line is that Behr’s is a perfect place for a new or experienced mom to get her nursery furniture. Can you believe Captain Awesome’s parents got his nursery furniture there forever ago? Their showroom is huge and their selection is huge. With displays of every crib set you can see exactly what you are getting. I know I certainly was lost when I went in to choose, but their staff was amazing at guiding me towards what I wanted. Even better? They respected my budget and led me to the sets that fit what we needed.

If you live in the Tri State area I highly recommend buying from a company that has been around for a long time and knows the nursery/kid furniture business inside and out. Family owned businesses is what made this country great don’t you think?

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