Dear Christian,

Every month I write one of these comes closer to the time that I no longer will give your age by months. See, after 2 it is a little inappropriate to say your age that way, so soon enough you will just be TWO. Woah!! I am not sure exactly how I will keep track of your growth once we hit that point, but we will only think about it when the time comes.

You weight 25 lbs and are 33 inches. That means you are in the 53% for height and 23% for for weight. Still my little string bean!

We hit a major mile stone this past month. This month you jumped out of your crib and are now sleeping in a toddler bed. I wasn’t ready for this my dear boy. You are still way too little to have the freedom around your room. The morning that you came running into my room yelling “DOWN” came as such a surprise. Nonetheless, we had to go with it and you now sleep in a semi big boy bed. Only problem is that at this point you choose to sleep on the floor? I am hoping that changes soon. Daddy carries you and puts you into your bed every night after you fall asleep on the floor!

I think this past month was the first that I found myself honestly frustrated with you. I feel very bad admitting it, but you were extremely challenging for about a two week period. What was different? I can’t fully put my finger on it, but you were cranky, miserable, extremely opinioned, and sleep deprived for two weeks and I was sad. I honestly think that you were going through some personal growth. It was about the week before and the week after you jumped out of your crib. After that things went back to normal and you were more yourself, but the terrible two’s really started to come out!

Eating is still our biggest struggle. I try so hard to feed you healthy things to which you only turn up your nose. I hope I continue to care enough about your health because at this point I am just about ready to serve you hot dogs for 3 meals a day!

Blue bunny is still your best friend, you still love your “ma ma” (pacifier). The “ma ma” will have to go soon, but I am not ready, and neither are you. You love bunny’s tag. Once bunny goes into your arms you turn it till you find the tag and stroke it. I love it.

You have found movies that you have to watch over…and over…and over and over. Luckily your mommy doesn’t mind repetitiveness! Lion King is by far your favorite, second would be Madagascar both 1 and 2. Coming in the rear would be Happy Feet. All animal movies! I just wish you’d watch any or all of them all the way through so I could follow the whole story. I still have no idea what happens after the first 10 minutes of happy feet, and still don’t know the full story of either Madagascar! Maybe someday?

I am not sure others get to see and know the little boy I know. When we are out and about you are so busy, and on the go. But the boy I know is so sweet and tender. He will stop on a dime to run right into my arms. You sit and stroke my hair every day. It seems to act as a bit of security for you. We will cuddle and rock every morning, before nap and bed, and I love to sit and hold you. I also love how much you like to cuddle. You are a bit of a mama’s boy but oh well. Don’t tell anyone, but I love it (most of the time!).

You are getting so big little man! I am not sure how that has happened. The doctor brought up potty training and I thought…”slow your roll doc!”. How can you already be out of your crib? I just don’t know….but you are. I love you so much!

Love mommy