This post was inspired by a stream of messages that came across my personal facebook page. Basically it was a lot of people mocking me for my use of the word “fanny pack” while describing a Gucci inspired bag that I wore around my waist while at the Bronx Zoo. It may not be the traditional fanny pack, but being that it snaps around the waist I would say that it is in fact a “fanny pack”. That being said, I am standing by my decision to wear a fanny pack. Why? Because it just makes sense. Is it necessarily fashionable? Not really…but it is practical and that is why I am starting my campaign to bring back the fanny pack!

Come on! It just makes sense on sight seeing trips, or even at your local bar. Who wants to carry a purse or clutch all the time? Especially if you are out seeing the sites. When I wore my fanny pack at the bronx zoo I hate my belongings close to me, I had my hands free, and all my tickets easily accessible. No big bag to dig through, and both of my hands were free to take care of my son.

Don’t lie. You know you agree. Just because the fashion magazines don’t make them “in” per say is the only reason they aren’t on the streets. The only reason brands like Gucci and Coach get away with it is because they are “Gucci” and “Coach”.

My Dad has never turned his back on the fanny pack. Every year at out beach vacation he rocks one. I make fun of his of course, but it’s just something I have to do. It just works.

So there…I said it…whatever…you know you agree. The fanny pack makes perfect sense. Let’s bring it back!!