garbage cans

I hate to litter. It drives nuts! I even hate to throw my gum out the window. Why? Because I am a firm believe that we should take pride in our planet. Who wants to see garbage on the side of the road or even worse, on the sidewalk you are walking on? No one I tell you…no one. But somehow people’s selfishness takes over when they are holding a piece of garbage in their hand that they no longer want. That need to get rid of it over takes their desire to have clean streets. What do they do? They litter! That is why I propose that towns, and cities, and stores provide more garbage clans. Why? Because if there was garbage cans on every street I am pretty confident people would choose to throw their item out in the can vs. on the street. Who’s with me?

I was at Target and was putting my cart away while I held an empty coffee cup and looked around to see where to get rid of it. Nothing! I lesser person would’ve left the cup in the cart (mind you I have found that alot of people do that!) but I didn’t. I too it with me in the car. But had there been a garbage can I would’ve disposed of it correctly.

Take my town for instance. Sometimes I walk around town to do my errands. After dropping off dry cleaning my son and I take a piece of candy to eat for the walk. I then have the wrapper. There isn’t ONE garbage can on the streets as I walked? I feel like towns are just asking for people to litter if there is no garbage can. Same in NYC! You’d be amazed at how many times I couldn’t find a can. If they would just put a can on every street, I think more people would drop garbage there then on the street, therefore saving in clean up costs. Your welcome!

So what do you think it is? I can’t be the only one who finds the lack of garbage can appalling. Or maybe I am? What do you think? Is this rant warranted?