I’m so frustrated and I am very happy that I have a platform in which to complain. I apologize in advance for you having to read my rant, but it is what it is. Why the heck can’t companies get it right the first time? I can honestly say that almost every service, or product I have ordered for our new home had to be done twice, or fixed. Seriously….pretty much every single one! Why can’t they just do it right? Why am I punished for their incompetence?

I really feel sorry for people who work outside of the home, or don’t have an understanding job. How the heck do handle this situation? I have had to be home during stupid 3 hour windows not once…but twice for each job. Luckily, I am flexible and can be here, but if I had to take a day off of work every time someone screwed up, all of my vacation days would’ve been done by now! Even when I tried to schedule a few on the same day I had cancellations! Impossible!

We had carpet installed only to find a closet not carpeted, and a molding broken on the stair which they needed to fix….We bought a stove that was delivered which we installed (and by “we” I mean our extremely useful brother in law) only to find the griddle piece to not start…and now I see our nice new furniture is not stained correctly and I need them to come to fix it. I feel like there is more but I can’t think of it right now. In the end the stove will take 3 visits between delivery, figuring out what the problem is then ordering parts, and finally getting it fixed. That’s SEVEN visits between all of these things!

Why is that acceptable? It’s great that they willingly fix their mistakes and I didn’t have to fight for any of it, but why is it OK? I got no money back…I certainly didn’t get my time back. Why are companies allowed to do that? But what am I going to do about it after the fact? NOTHING…I will just sit here and write my complaint so that all of you can see it. Does it help? Maybe a little…

It would be one thing if it just happened once…but every single thing is just way too much. But I just grin and bear it and feel thankful that I am home any way to get it all done and fixed. Using my days off for this crap would not be good…so I am sorry for all of you out there who have to deal with it. Not cool!