The other weekend we were at my parents house and my son became enthralled with watching the “Brave Little Toaster” video. Never heard of it? Me neither, but it kind of sucks so don’t feel bad. When I say kind of sucks I mean it’s a pretty awful Disney Movie. Whoever green lit that one was I hope fired. But I digress…the thing was a TAPE! Remember those? A Tape! Not DVD! Ya I know…crazy! Anyway, he likes this tape.

So we watch it…over and over. But at the end of each time I have to rewind the tape. No menu button to automatically bring you to the beginning of the DVD. Nope. You sit there and wait for it to remind. Remember that? I do! But the funny part is that he just didn’t understand it. His generation will always have instant gratification. You want a show? Sure!

My entire life I always felt like I was on top of new technology. Internet…cell phones…DVD and so forth, but now I am sad that I think my son will now surpass me. It’s a joke that I am already the worst googler ever. I suck at searching for info on my cell phone, and my son can navigate through an ipad better than me. It will only get worse from here.

I laugh at the fact that he doesn’t understand tape is, but soon there will be a lot that I won’t understand. Can you even fathom what crazy gadgets will confuse my son in his future? No you can’t because it will be way beyond what we can even imagine. Or maybe not…because we all thought there’d be flying cars by now since the Jetsons told us so…but again I digress..

Bottom line? It was just funny to watch my son not know what a tape is. A tape was my childhood. Now, even I want instant gratification when it comes to entertainment.

We have a lot to look forward to!