Five years ago today I woke up in my childhood bed and began what was and always will be my dream wedding day come true. I finally was going to marry my best friend after years (and years…and years…) of dating. Now, five years later it is kind of surreal to look back on our lives as newlyweds. Where has the time gone? So much has happened, and so much has changed. Are we the same people we were back then? Sometimes I think yes, and sometimes I have to wonder how it would be possible NOT to change. We have grown up together. From young college students, to adulthood, to parenthood. I love growing with my amazing husband. He always keeps me on my toes. He knows how to make me smile and laugh, and is one of the best at making me want to punch him in the face…ahhhh married life.

It’s crazy to think about all that has happened over the last five years. When we were first married I was 27 (soon to be 28) years old. We already lived in our townhouse (yes we lived in sin), and I have to say that first year was one of my favorites. I loved being Captain Awesome wife. I finally felt like I was where I wanted to be in my life. We were so carefree then. I only realize that now looking back, but boy did we have some fun.

So Mature

The second year brought a lot more stress. We spent our first anniversary in Newport RI and I was pregnant. We were on cloud nine, but shortly after things turned. I would mark year 2 as our toughest year. So much loss, and sadness. But now, what stands out is how me and The Captain stood by eachother. He was and is my rock, and it’s amazing to know I can count on him when things are down.

Year three was the year our lives changed more than any other. It was the year all my dreams came true. I was now not only a wife, but I became a mother. Everything changed for the better. No one can prepare you for it. Ourselves and our marriage would never be the same. We no longer only had ourselves to think about and take care of. We had our boy…our amazing little boy.

Our fourth year of marriage stands out because it was the year that allowed us just to “be”. I had always been aiming towards something…marriage, pregnancy..a baby…and then finally I had all I needed. It was a nice feeling.

Just Be…

The fifth year of marriage has been a whirlwind. We joke that sometimes we are surprised our marriage made it through, but it did. In this past year we sold our townhouse, bought a new house, had to live with family for a short time, got pregnant, suffered a miscarriage, and began our journey again to have another child. Any one of those things can be trying on marriage let alone all of them…but we persevere. Reading that back makes it sound all hard and bad but that certainly wasn’t the case. How could anything be all bad when I have my little man to make me smile every day? He makes everything good, and even though I will always remember this past year being tough, I will remember all the joys my son brings me even more.

Bye Bye Townhouse

Of all the things we have been through these last five years the thing that stands out the most is what an amazing father my son has. I don’t think anything is sexier than watching him sit on the floor making silly sounds and playing with my son. What is special about our marriage is that I feel we are able to be mom and dad, as well as husband and wife. It’s not always easy, but thus far I think we have a good balance. I think THAT is the recipe for a successful marriage. Being able to wear both those hats.

So what’s next for us? Who knows! The Captain and I have been together for so long it’s hard to imagine I ever had a life before him? There is no one else I’d like to travel through life with. He is my best friend. I talk to him multiple times a day and still get excited to see him come through the door at night. Anything I do is made better when he is doing it with me. I can’t wait to start our next chapter and see what this next year, and the years to come will bring.

And as always? This video will always make me smile. Oh the memories…