I live in an area where I believe a lot of people think they are better than everyone else. It drives me crazy regularly, but there is one thing some people do that really makes me frustrated. It’s not a huge thing by any means, but it drives me nuts and I just have to let it out, because if I don’t here may just tell these people off in the grocery store. I hate when I am in the check out line at the grocery store, and the people in front of me REFUSE to bag their own groceries. They just stand there and watch the cashier scan each item…watch it pile up at the end, and then wait as the person then bag their groceries! BAG YOUR OWN GROCERIES PEOPLE!!

I will sometimes choose my grocery line based on if there is a bagger on the end because I prefer to have someone else bag my groceries. Lazy? Maybe….but with the little man in the cart just waiting to grab something it’s easier. But if you are a single person, or couple in front of me, and you sit there crossed armed with a line behind you and DON”T BAG….be ready to have me lose my Sh#@!

I haven’t gotten up the nerve to say anything to these people yet, but I want to. I give them my dirties look…roll my eyes, and I have went as far as commenting about it to the clerk just after they start to walk away hoping they hear me. I can’t confirm that they ever have heard me yet…but one day I will get up the nerve.

I find it rude. It’s mostly because I feel that these people think they are better then other people. Like they don’t HAVE to bag. And they are right…they don’t. But it is just nice and helpful to those waiting in line. Not to mention the check out person.

As you can see this is a sore subject, and I just wanted to talk about it. I’m glad you are there to read and listen.

Rant over….