Research has shown that people who suffer from mental disabilities often find it hard to be productive at workplace. They also tend to spoil relationships on the professional and personal levels. Antipsychotic medicines, which are prescribed to these people have a lot of side effects. For this reason, therapists often prescribe emotional support animals (ESA) to their patients. Mostly the emotional support animals (ESA) are dogs as they happen to be the friendliest creatures on this planet.

Perks of registering your pet

It is important to register emotional support dog to enjoy certain benefits which otherwise will not babe possible. The Air Access Carrier Act enables these dogs to fly with their owners at no extra charge. Also, The Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1988 makes the owner of ESA to qualify for a pet-free housing without paying an extra charge. These dogs have been considered to be an integral part of the treat for those with disabilities like phobia, anxiety, depression, panic attacks etc.

The difference between service and emotional support dogs

It is essential to understand the mainline of difference between service dogs and emotional support dogs. The service dogs are often categorized as a medical equipment for their owners. They are trained to perform specific tasks which otherwise the owners will not be able to complete by themselves. For example, eye dogs help their blind owner navigate around or do their chores. On the contrary emotional support dogs are prescribed by therapists to mental disorder patients. They provide comfort to the patients and make them happy. At times, you can have more than one support dog, but it is not beneficial. Your landlord might put a restriction on the number of ESA dogs in the household. He might put the second dog under the clause of a no-pet provision.

Prerequisites to become an ESA

In order to consider your pet as an ESA, you need to sign up your pet with the National Service Animal Registry. They will legitimize your pet and make it an integral part of your life. In order to get a license, you need make sure that your pet meets the requirement criteria for an ESA. Additionally, you need to have a prescription from a therapist or psychiatrist which states that you need an ESA for treatment purpose.

The disorder needs to be described by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV or V).

Benefits of registering

Once you receive the letter, you need to register your pet on the National Service Animal Registry website. You also need to complete a test to prove that your dog is well behaved in public and has basic training. Upon completion of the same, you shall receive an official NSAR certificate, along with a photo I.D. Therefore, it is important to register emotional support dog for you can used the ID card to get access to restricted areas. Also, you also need to have the certificate with you all the time for verification and check in public.