Being comfortable in your day to day job is a wonderful thing. Of course, there comes a time when we start to think about moving up that job ladder and consider asking for a pay rise, or more often then not looking for a promotion. But are you the ideal candidate for a promotion? Are you professional enough to be considered?

You might be confident that you can do the job in question, but if you’re not professional enough then chances are that you won’t stand apart from other candidates. So, with this in mind I’ve come up with 6 ways you can be more professional at work.

Focus on the accuracy of your work

When we’re working hard and trying to get work done, sometimes spelling and grammar errors slip through the net. Likewise if you’re sending emails to fellow colleagues, you need to be consistent with your accuracy and make everything as professional as possible, if you’re rushing your work then it’s tempting to simply and copy and paste from other sources, but that’s also a huge no-no! You can compare providers of plagiarism software here. Double check your work for errors and always try to keep your accuracy consistent. That way you’ll always look professional and appear to be taking your work seriously.

Look the part

No one wants to be recognised as the scruffy one in the office. In the world of work, the way you dress gives an insight into your work ethic. If your clothes are dirty, creased and generally unkept then it doesn’t give off an air of professionalism. Make sure you dress accordingly as per your companies dress code. And make sure whatever you choose fits you well, is clean and is also comfortable!

Be careful of your opinions

Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Perhaps you don’t think your line manager is right for the job, or you don’t agree with a certain new process. Despite your concerns, if you want to come across as professional, avoid voicing these concerns at work between yourself and other colleagues. Genuine issues could come across as gossip or tittle-tattle if not voiced correctly. If you have a problem with something, then speak to your manager properly.

Have a positive attitude

With any job, there are going to be days where you simply want to walk out of the door and not come back! Whatever the reason, it’s important to remember that it’s only temporary and that maintaining a positive outlook and attitude at work will always make you look professional and mature.

Keep your desk tidy

Keeping your work area tidy shows that you’re organised, that you’re in control of your daily tasks, and that you respect company property. In addition, if you’re asked to find a particular document or file, then you can do so quickly and efficiently.

Don’t slack off

It’s not easy to keep your motivation high throughout the day. But if you want to make a good impression and look professional then it’s important not to let your employees see you slacking off and wasting company time.