Once the wedding day excitement and newlywed bliss give way to the daily routine and regular life as a married couple, you’ll begin to notice that you can no longer just do whatever you want or make big decisions on your own. You might quickly realize that doing so can cause major problems. You now have a partner to consult with, for better or for worse. And, it could very well be that your opinion and your partner’s opinion on things might differ greatly, like cavernously. No reason for alarm. You will get through this. You’ll see.

Making major purchases as a couple can be a daunting thing. Take car buying. You want that sporty little red convertible number, he wants the sensible SUV with room to spare. You are very far apart on the car you want to buy and you just can see how you’ll ever find common ground. A great first step would be to head over to Cars.com right now, together. Eliminate all preconceived ideas and plans for your first car together from your mind. With a fresh, open mind, start browsing cars you might not have otherwise considered. Look at new models, read reviews on specific brands, estimate the cost of ownership and find vehicles available in your area. Look at cars you would like. Fairly consider cars that he would like. Perhaps doing this research together will get you both on the same page in terms of what you really need in your vehicle purchase. It may also spark a frank conversation on your attitudes towards money, budgeting and expectations for the future. Will you want children soon? Will you look to buy a house in the near future? Should you save for a down payment or finance 100%? What started out as car research can be a great jumping off point for deep, meaningful conversation with your newly minted spouse.

Back to the car, though. Perhaps this exercise brought you closer together in terms of what you’re looking for. Find cars available near you at Cars.com. Make a date to visit the dealerships together. Top it off with a fancy dinner and bottle of wine to keep everyone in good spirits. Big purchases with your new wife or hubs don’t have to be torture. With a little understanding, flexibility and patience, you’ll be riding off together as the sun is setting over that sporty little red convertible number. Happy wife, happy life, they say.