white family

I saw this Awkward Family Photos post titled The Whitest Family Photos and just had too much to say about each photo to NOT write a post about it. I mean where else can I get my random thoughts out there. So here you go….check out the post. I have a feeling you may find these as hysterical as I do. Are they for real??

Go ahead…open the link!

1: I love my dog and definitely have family pictures that include my dog, but I pray that years from now I don’t look at those pictures and think about them like I do this photo. These two probably looked at this and thought “this is definitely a framer!”

2: There is no way I would get Captain Awesome to pose like this. It’s not that they wore costumes, or that they are Winnie the Pooh costumes, it’s that they got a portrait taken of themselves in the costumes. I do love me some Winnie the Pooh, but this is way over the top!

3: Funny…but not too horrible

4: I am not sure how the gun and the bird go together in this photo. I wish I knew what the thought process behind this one was.

5: Everyone needs their llama and their lamb in their Christmas photos. Right?

6: This one is too disturbing for words. These children will be scarred forever because of this one.

7: Welcome to the 80’s…we are SUPER excited for cell phones. We define the word Yuppie!

8: I can just imagine how this photo played out. Sometimes the outtakes are better than the actual photo!

9: I am not sure why these pictures are together? I wonder if the poor kid with the puppet still stands behind his choice to have this photo taken, and I can’t throw stones at the other…I may have a ton of photos like this one from my youth. I did in fact do “Glamour shots”.

10: The modern day Robin Hood…Pants unbuttoned with his maid Marian by his side in his shirt with no pants on. Ahhh the fairy tale.

11: I have seen these backgrounds in my old school photos, but I am not sure who allowed the cat to get into the shot. #inappropriate.

12: What a cute family. How endearing! Gotta love dad strangling the kids!

13: There is no words for this one. CPS should be called. No photo needs to be taken of a child holding her father’s fake penis. This one is wrong on so many levels.

14: I am just disturbed by this one. And a little nauseous.

15: Do you think they are this child’s parents or grandparents? Either way this photo makes no sense. I am betting the guests at this wedding felt pretty darn awkward during and after the ceremony.

16: Proud to be gun toting NRA members. You never forget your first fire arm I guess!

17: A man a woman and their 5 dressed up monkeys. Now that is a complete family.

18: One of these things is not like the others….#blacksheep

19: There is just something sexy about this centaur….oh wait…no there isn’t.

20: I may or may not have photos like this with my dog…

21: Santa must’ve been ready to totally SH$T his pants when this group showed up.

22: What was the photographer thinking when they posed this family for this picture, and why did the family agree? #totally80s

23: All hail the mighty mullet!

24: No father really loves his kids unless he gets them tattooed on his back. #justsayin

25: One Damn Sexy maternity shoot. This ones a keeper!

26: This one scares me for some reason.

27: Seemed like a good idea at the time? Maybe?

28: Someone saw Pretty in Pink one too many times. #mollyringwaldisherhero

29: May no person I know pose like this ever….ever…or you will be mocked….for the rest of your life. #dadoftheyear