When I had my son I just knew that one activity I couldn’t wait to do with him was Elf on A Shelf at Christmastime. The idea of a magical little elf that sits in your home watching your children so they know if they’ve been bad or good then travels to the North Pole at night to report to Santa only to return the following day in a new spot, is fantastic! Now that is Christmas magic! Last year I knew the little man would have NO CLUE what so ever, so I chose this year to be the year we brought out our elf. After much discussion The Captain and I named our elf Sir Smiley. The little man didn’t really have an opinion so we decided to take the naming into our own hands. I will admit I regretted getting Captain Awesome involved, but what’s done is done. Sir Smiley the elf will be a part of our family for years to come!

Elf On The Shelf

The firs thing they tell you to do when opening your elf is to name him. It sounded like such an important task since this name would hopefully be carried on for years to come. Since the little man didn’t offer anything the decision was left to me and The Captain. I made the mistake of asking Captain Awesome his opinion and got ridiculous responses. He turned his nose up at my suggestions of Ralphie and Buddy, and I did the same for his ridiculous Georios (spelling? who knows…it’s George in Greek). We were at a stalemate.

The battle continued when we went to visit my family for Thanksgiving. My family then got involved. My mom of course sided with me because she knew how important things of this nature were to me. My sister, brother in law and brother found the whole situation hysterical and added to the fire. My sister then had the brilliant idea to search the internet and found a site that created else names. That’s where Sir Smiley came from. There a bunch of suggestions, but that one just made sense. It was something both The Captain and I could agree on, and hopefully is a name my little man will come to love one day.

The picture above represents my first try at posing our elf. I was so super exited to give it a try and I thought I found the BEST SPOT EVER! So I posted it on facebook…What do you see when you see this picture? Is it dirty? Ya…I guess it is, but I promise you that I didn’t see that when I did it. Now I know I have to think it through before posing the little elf!

It was touch and go for a while, but I am happy that we came to an agreement. Sir Smiley will come out every year and bring Christmas magic to my little man. What a wonderful thing!

Welcome to the Family Sir Smiley!