It’s funny how sometimes life can look you in the eye then slap you in the face. It’s not that things aren’t good all around…it’s almost like a mocking slap that forces you to look beyond what’s in front of you to see the bigger picture. That’s what happened to me. This month I thought we did it. I thought we’d be successful in our TTC journey. Why? Well, they say on average it takes 3 months to succeed in getting pregnant and this month would be that third month. It just had to work right? Wrong…this month AF showed up SUPER early. I felt like my body was laughing at me. Kind of like..not only are you NOT pregnant, but I’m going to surprise you out of the blue..HA HA! It sucks.

It’s really frustrating when you do everything right and still fail. I go to Acupuncture, I use the monitor, I time things as well as I can…and still…we fail. Why? Why is it like that? Last time it took us 7 months so I am not sure why I am surprised. I guess just this month I felt like it was it. Then again I felt that the 2 months before this one. Being that the pregnancies that failed I got pregnant the first time, I have to wonder why not now?

The Captain and I talk about how much less stressed we are this time around. Our little man is our joy and the most important thing in our lives. We are so thankful for that. I guess the bummer this time around is the magic 3rd month mark. I can’t believe we are so close to my original due date. We are at that point again where I could surpass the day that I was supposed to give birth with out being pregnant again. I should’ve expected that. Why should it be easy?

I will not wallow, and I will not let this process get the best of me this time around. I will put my frustration out there on this blog and then move on. That’s why I love it. It’s my way to vent. So I thank you for reading. Onto another month…onto feeling good and not being tired and pregnant. I guess that’s the silver lining right? Glass half full? That’s how I choose to feel. Bring on a good summer!