I feel like a little weight has been lifted. I have been waiting for my Hysteroscopy procedure for over a month now and although I wouldn’t really admit it to anyone I was nervous. Even though it was an easy procedure I still knew I was having minor surgery, and no matter how calm I want to be I knew I wasn’t. I had the procedure last week and thank goodness all seemed to go smoothly. The nurses were great, the doctor was great and all and all it was quick and painless. What did they find? I am not 100% sure, but they did find what they think to be scarring. But let me go back and share my experience.

It was decided that I would have the procedure at the fertility office. I was surprised that the office had a surgical facility, but I was also happy because I knew it would be much less crowded and overwhelming. Boy was I right! They took me right in the moment I got there and unlike my D&C I didn’t feel like one of the masses going through the ambulatory hospitals doors. Captain Awesome of course came with me, and our little man was to spend the day with my mother in law so I could recover in peace.

I got to wear the wonderful hospital gown with my butt hanging out the back with a stylish surgical cap. I was looking good. Luckily they took pity on me and gave me a warm blanket…and when I say warm I mean it actually felt like it came right out of the dryer. There was a bunch of paperwork to fill out. I was told no food or drink after midnight the night before but snuck a sip of water that morning. Shouldn’t have done that! I was stupid and told them about it and they had to write it down and I was scolded (not really lol) by a few nurses. I felt calm. Everyone was extremely nice.

The anesthesiologist came and and that’s when the nerves started. He had to start an IV and this is when Captain Awesome started to make fun of me for being so scared of needles. The nice doctor reminded him fear is a sign of intelligence…I liked him. The line was put in rather painlessly and I started to get a bunch of fluids going into my veins. Not the good stuff yet. The whole pre op process took about an hour with a lot of that time being waiting.

I try to be strong for me, it’s what I need. I smile I laugh I tell jokes because it helps me feel better and focus less on what I am going through but walking into the very cold operating room was tough. I laid down on the very cold table and allowed the nurse to strap down my arms and put a band around my waste to keep me secure. It was then the memories of my D&C came flooding in. It was all too familiar. I found myself watching the anesthesiologist getting ready to give me the good stuff, the nurse was asking my name and date of birth and at that moment I felt so overwhelmed and alone. I started to cry. I couldn’t say my name! So I laughed and apologized to the nurse who was just so sweet. She rubbed my hand and comforted me as did the anesthesiologist. I finally got the words out and that’s when the good doctor gave me the good drugs….I was out. Thank goodness.

I woke up to a nurse telling me she would give me my glasses. I remember drifting in and out at that point. The doctor came in and told me what they found but for the life of me couldn’t remember what she said when they finally brought in The Captain. How mean is that? Who tells a person who is high on anesthesia what happened? So I asked a nurse to bring the doctor in again. She told us that they found what they believe was scarring and they removed it. They were sending it to pathology although I don’t exactly know what that means. The scarring could have been acting as an IUD which would definitely prevent me from getting pregnant, although she wouldn’t confirm that was definite.

I got myself dressed, and had to lie to the good nurses that I actually peed before leaving.  How is a girl supposed to pee when she drank no liquids since the night before? I didn’t have to go! I felt like I was 4 when my mom would tell me to “try” to pee before we left. It just wasn’t going to happen..but I digress. I was groggy and was sleepy and was looking forward to an afternoon to myself to recover. That’s exactly what I did. I slept, I watched TV and I kept my feet up.

I will know more this week when I go to my post op appointment. I guess then I will figure out my next plan of action. Right now I am hoping to just go back to trying naturally. I am hoping the doctor agrees.