On the 7th month of TTC after my first miscarriage I got pregnant with my little man. Looking back those 7 months were probably the longest of my life. Now, after 7 months of TTC after my second miscarriage I found out that we have a little longer to wait this time. Month 7 was a bust. And with another month down the tubes I am left to take the next recommended step by my doctor which is to have a procedure to see if what she saw on my water sonogram was in fact scar tissue. If it is it needs to be removed. That means month 8 will be wasted and I am not allowed to get pregnant. It sucks.

Do you know where all this brings me back to? It brings me back to maybe having a due date of August again. That means if I got pregnant right away after the procedure that I would be due about a year after I was supposed to give birth. I try not to dwell on that fact. What’s the point right? But not dwelling on it still doesn’t change anything. The truth hurts.

Operative Hysteroscopy

Since month 7 is a bust I now must have an operative Hysteroscopy . Sounds like it’s kind of a search and rescue mission. The doctor goes in to check out the uterus, and if she does find scar tissue or extra lining then she will remove it during the same procedure.

I am not exactly sure if I am hoping she finds scarring or not. If she does then it could be the reason I am not getting pregnant. And having this procedure could possibly fix that. If she finds no scarring then I lost month 8 as a month to get pregnant for no reason. My thoughts is that she wouldn’t put me through the procedure if she didn’t really know what she saw. I saw a line on the screen…it could’ve been anything in there!

The procedure is scheduled for Thursday next week. I was sad because they scheduled the surgery on the day I was supposed to attend a “tea” with the preschool moms. I was really looking forward to meeting them. I guess it’s just going to have to wait. I’m still bummed.