I have been looking for fun ideas for Halloween treats to make with my little man, and as I searched I realized that maybe I should share my finds with you! There are so many fun ideas out there, and although I haven’t tried any yet I am pretty excited. The only thing that scares me is that it will end up like the Pinterest FAILS I see all over the place. Kind of like…this is what it is SUPPOSED to look like vs. what I created. But I think the ones I am sharing here are doable. So wish me luck! I am going to need it!

Halloween Treats For Kids

Over on the Just Jilly Blog I found a recipe for Pumpkin Spice Ginger Snaps. How yummy do these look? And if you ask me the recipe seems easy enough.

How cute are these Pumpkin Treats? The cupcake Diaries featured these cute Halloween treats and if you ask me they look easy enough. I think I may try these out for my son’s Hallween party at school!

It’s always fun to find a tasty treat that also can be considered healthy! Check out these Boo-nana pops from Skinnytaste! Chocolate + Banana = Yummy!

pumpkins and ghostI don’t have a recipe for this picture, and no real place where it came from but I think the visual is enough to show you what to do. Don’t you think?

How cute are these spider pops!? I think this could be doable…I will need some motivation!

I think these are the winners! Perfect for a class Halloween party! With only 3 ingredients they are cute and VERY easy! I am loving these Witch Hat Cookies!

I am putting these and more on my Best Halloween Ideas Board on Pinterest. Let me know if you end up making any!