I am super excited to announce that I really have been taking my food revolution seriously. I talk about and propose a lot things, and don’t actually go through with them. But this time I am happy that I was motivated enough to make a change in my life, and that I’m bringing the Captain along with me! I spoke the other week about the Great Purgeof the items I had in my kitchen. It took a little while but alot of the bad stuff is gone! When it was time to start replenishing my food items, we decided that we would go to our local Trader Joe’s  and see what they have to offer in terms of food items, as well as price. I wanted to show The Captain that my choices aren’t going to cost us an arm and a leg…and I really think I did that!

The main thing I wanted to focus on first was the meats. After seeing all those videos about the chickens and what actually is being put into my meat I thought that was a great place to start. So I have been insisting that we buy free range and hormone free/natural meat. I will admit that the meats were more expensive than what I could get at a standard grocery store, but I am finding it to be totally worth it! (not to mention I have found other ways to save..more on that later) The chicken was sooo tender and so much less fat on it! I bought some sirloin steak filets…and they were so yummy!

I was amazed when I saw the price of the cage free eggs at Trader Joes. Compared to the “Nature’s Promise” brand at stop and shop they were so much less expensive! Actually the eggs in general there were rather cheap…so the cage free eggs were about the same price as the regular eggs from stop and shop! I thought that was a huge score.

The Captain and I LOVE frozen pizza. But we bought pizza dough ($.99), pizza sauce ($1.49), and mozzarella cheese (natural cheese $2.65) and The Captain made us an amazing pizza! It was so yummy! When we made it a 2nd time I added pepperoni to my side, and garlic and onions to his. It was definitely a healthy, and cheaper alternative. When we had it the 2nd time I just had to buy more dough because we still had pizza sauce and cheese left over. Score!

Earlier I said that I found other ways to save money to make up for the more expensive meats…well I did! Everyone that commented before was right. If you cut out the processed foods, (or buy less of them in my case) you really can save money! For example. I used to love the Uncle Ben’s 90 second rice. It was good and easy. Each bag I would say is about $2.69…well at Trader Joe’s I bought this organic Jasmine brown rice from Thailand. A nice size bag was $3.35. And so far, I have cooked rice for about 4 meals and it barely looks like I’ve made a dent in the bag! I make up for the extra meat costs just in not buying the Uncle Ben’s rice! Cool huh?

All of this makes me excited. It makes me happy to know that I am making a change, and in my own small way I am telling those big, bad and mean chicken and beef farmers out there that I’m not going to take their crappy meats no more! How are you doing with all this? Have you joined in on my food revolution?