As you know, back in January I began my own Food Revolution, and I am happy to report that I am continuing to stick with it! Not much has changed since my last post about Trader Joe’s , but I wanted to be sure to keep you all in the loop since I have been taking you on this journey with me. I think it’s time that I bump up the efforts a little bit, but I am not sure how. Even though everything is status quo, I think it’s time I brought it to another level.

Since I still consider myself “leaning” into the whole foods realm, I want to be realistic in the new things I choose to do. The Captain and I are loving our shopping trips to Trader Joe’s. It’s nice because he even enjoys food shopping there, so we get to do it together. My only complaint is that I can’t buy EVERYTHING I need there, so that means a 2nd grocery store stop. I try to hit up another grocery store every other week and stock up on the things that Trader Joe’s doesn’t have to keep me from having to grocery shop twice a week. So far it’s been working.

I know I am supposed to stay away from processed foods, but I am really loving the frozen food that they have at Trader Joe’s. I’ve looked at the ingredients and it really doesn’t look that bad for you. What do you think? All you readers that are better at this than me…what do you think of the frozen food at Trader Joes? My favorite is their Mandarin Chicken and Vegetable fried rice, and the Taquitos. Yummy!!! It’s definitely an easy alternative when I don’t really feel like cooking.

So what is next? I now only buy hormone free or organic meat ( I try to go organic but if the price is astronomical I will just do hormone free). Organic milk, eggs and butter. I also have been purchasing my produce there also, I am not sure on how good the prices are since they sell their fruit in “each” quantities. Like, 19 cents per banana, or 59 cents per apple. Is that expensive? I have no idea!?

The trickiest thing I am finding is snacks. What do I eat as snacks. I don’t buy the processed snacks anymore. I will admit I buy pretzels and the kettle chips from Trader Joes (which I guess is processed, but remember I’m leaning). But what are some good alternatives? I am trying to choose fruit, but sometimes I need a little something else.

So todayI am reaching out to my readers that are also trying to change the way you eat. What do you snack on? What would be my next step in my own Food Revolution? I think I’m ready to move forward!

Photo courtesy of Dougerino via Flickr