soccer tots

When the sad time came to move on from our Gymboree classes, my friends and I were looking for a new activity to get our kids moving and active. At the time my little man was about 2 1/2 and we contacted Lil’ Athletes to see if they could accommodate our little “mom group” and provide us with our own private soccer lesson since they times they originally were offering didn’t work for us. They quickly obliged and I am so happy they did.

Lil Athletes Sports provides sports instruction for children ages 20 months-7 years. For children 20 months-5 years, they offer their preschool sports programs, consisting of four great programs: SoccerTots, Lil Sluggers, LAXTots, and HoopsterTots! Each class is filled with a mixture of learning basic fundamentals of each sport and fun! For children 5.5-7 years, they offer our new Athletes All-Star sports programs which gives players the opportunity to develop their skills in various sports. We of course started with the SoccerTots program because we felt it would best keep our children’s interest.

Let me tell you how funny it is to watch a 2 1/2 year old in a soccer class. The other kids followed directions while my son rolled on the ground. It was hysterical, but the staff was AMAZING with being understanding. Now that we have been taking classes for six months, our little dude is doing so much better! This past session they even introduced baseball into the mix! Word on the street is that they might attempt basketball next. We will see how that goes! 

When we first began we, as moms had to be there each step of the way to show our child what to do. Now, as each kid is beginning to turn 3 you can see a HUGE difference. They are now following the coach on their own! Well sometimes…attempting to have them play a position in a baseball game is beyond amusing. Luckily my athleticism (or lack there of) isn’t needed.

Any opportunity to get my son active and away from TV is a plus. Being that sports don’t come naturally for me, I look forward to getting my son to learn sports in a fun manner with his friends, and instructed by someone who knows what they are doing. Hey, who knows..maybe he will even excel at one!

The Fall II session will be starting October 29th and their Winter I 2014 registration is just beginning. There are locations in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties so you will be able to find a convenient location close to you.

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