I have worked with a lot of photographers. I am lucky to have worked with some amazing ones, and I cherish all the photos I have of my kids. As a matter of fact they make me smile every day. To those of you who say hiring a photographer isn’t worth it I call shenanigans! Maybe if you never do anything with those pictures, but if you are like me you will understand why it’s so important. I have pictures all over my house, and I love them. So when I found Maureen of Maureen Failla photography I was thankful. (Ok…I have to give my sister in law credit because she actually used her first, but I am still thankful!) She is amazing!

I first used Maureen for Tessa’s 3 month photos and Christian’s 4 year photos. I had her come to my home because it was winter and I was nervous because I have never really had a good experience with “portrait” type photos. But when it’s winter there really isn’t another choice. Low and behold the photos were AMAZING! She was able to capture both of my kids and I loved so many of the photos. So much I even blew one up into a canvas print in my house!

But this post is about Tessa’s 9 month shoot (well closer to 10, but I wanted 3,6 , 9 and 12 month photos so we will call it 9). We went to a beautiful garden at Farmingdale university that I never knew existed. It wasn’t a huge space but it was perfect for us. I am always amazed at what photographers can capture. My little girl just stared dead face at the camera most of the time. She was just so curious, and when she wasn’t curious about the camera she was super excited about the nature all around her. But Maureen caught so many great shots!

There are just too many I love to share them all, but I have to share this one that was a mistake but is totally my little girls bunny face! That is so Tess!

I am so happy to have worked with Maureen again. As a matter of fact I am looking forward to booking her for Tessa’s 1 year pictures! I won’t publish her rates, but I promise you will be super happy about them!

Good news for readers! If you mention my blog Maureen will give you 10% off! Let me repeat…you won’t regret it! Also, please check out Maureen Failla Photography’s Facebook Page for updates and information of great mini session deals.

So be sure to check it all out! You won’t be sorry.