Dear Tessa,

First I must apologize for missing your 9 month post. No excuse! Second, I just can’t believe how quickly you are growing. It amazes me each day what you are discovering and these last few weeks you have figured out how to do so many new tricks! I can always see your mind turning and thinking. You are so proud when you figure out how to do something new, and I am so proud to watch you do it! You aren’t afraid to get dirty and love nature and to get right into the thick of things. I’m not sure who’s daughter you are because its hard for me to watch you get so messy, but you want/try to keep up with your brother so much that you are willing to crawl through just about anything to be with him. It is so fun to watch the two of you together.

Big news! On the day you turned 10 months you also took your first steps! We were at the beach with Jaju and Pee Pee you did it. Pee Pee motivated you not me. I have been trying to push you down because 10 months is just too soon for your mommy. Walking is a whole new level and I prefer you to stay with the crawl. For that reason I don’t love you to practice that much. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but it’s not working. You are gaining more confidence each day.

In the last few weeks you sprouted your first bottom tooth and 2 others came along with it. We are just waiting for the 2nd top tooth to pop and you will have your four front teeth. I must say although I have been blaming teeth since 4 months you took these sprouting teeth like a champ. It was about time though. 9 months? Luckily it didn’t hold you back in the food department. Also in a few weeks time you can do “so big”, clap hands (sometimes), turn yourself around to get down a step, and your favorite….HI! You wave your hand and say “hi” to anyone who looks at you and even those who don’t. It is the cutest thing. My little serious girl now smiles and waves at everyone. It is adorable.

At 10 months we are still successfully breastfeeding. I must admit I kind of love it still. Sometimes you are way to busy to settle down and eat, but the morning and night sessions are just wonderful. I love that time when it’s just me and you and we get to just cuddle. I know I am not supposed to let you fall asleep nursing but watching your little face relax so much…and to know that my body is giving you such comfort is amazing. You did bite me one time so far with your new teeth and when I yelled at you you got so upset and cried…you even refused to eat after that. But we worked through it..don’t worry.

When it comes to food I can’t keep up on what you prefer. Sometimes you want just packets, sometimes just finger foods and sometimes you want nothing at all! You used to love strawberries and recently you just like to squeeze them between your fingers. One day you love waffles the next you choose to throw them over the side of your high chair. I wish I could pick one food you love but I can’t….maybe it’s pizza. You already don’t like to be spoon fed so I have to admit that instead of jar food I have been feeding you those amazing packets. So easy! One food you hate is eggs. I am bummed about that because they are so easy and so good for you.

You are getting the hang of sign language. You think that you are so cool signing “finished” that you use the sign when you are done doing any activity. Even if you have decided you have been in the stroller too long…you look at me and wave your hand at me. Its kind of cute. You do “finished”, “more” and “eat” when prompted. Daddy seems to have taught you “mamma” and “dada” although those aren’t consisted. I’m proud of you though!

I am blessed that you are a good sleeper. You go to bed about 7 and sleep right on through. For the past month you have woken at 5:30 or 6, but after nursing will go back to bed till 7:30. I’ll take it! If you sleep till 6:30 or beyond you are up for the day, but your brother is up at 6:45 anyway so it’s all good. You also nap 2 times a day if I let you. I am bad and walk you to almost sleep. I say walk because you refuse to let me rock you in the glider…no, you want to be held. I oblige. I am sorry that you don’t always get two naps though. I do my best, but sometimes we just have to have you nap on the go. Good news is that you are even pleasant when you miss a nap.

You make me smile every day. I love walking into your room and seeing your face light up. I love that you feel so happy and secure if I am holding you. I love all that you are learning each day. I remember loving this age of your brother and the same applies to you. It’s fun.

I love you my peanut.