My son likes to be busy. Every day at bedtime he says “What are we doing after this nappy?”. I’ll say something like “camp”…he will say how about after that…”lunch?” ….and after that? “I don’t know sweetie lets wait and see”. But because of this we always have something going on. It’s been Gymboree…soccer…swimming…OT…PT…Speech and the list goes on. At about 2 1/2 the mommy and me classes became less and less. It was sad, and it was hard, but it was around that time that I would then sit and watch my little man participate. It was then that I started to make my activity friends. People who I would talk to weekly about who knows what…but we would talk, laugh and share.

Before Tessa I would bring a book, or I would play with my phone during these half hours. But sometimes I would find myself chatting with those around me. I am nosy, and I like to talk, so it was always fun to meet new people. But it’s such a funny thing. If you think about it I may actually talk more to some of these people than I do many others in my life. Take swimming? When I used to take Christian I would chat for 30 minutes once a week with the same people. We would talk about anything and everything! Even went as far as being facebook friends! When I had to stop swimming when Tessa was born I felt kind of sad that I wouldn’t chat with these girls anymore. Same went with OT/Speech. For these classes I went TWO times a week and encountered the same people. Now that’s a lot of time! From September through June I was there 2 times a week. Not gonna lie…felt kind of sad to know that those people were just a little blip in my world. Kind of odd right?

In one rare instance I made amazing friends. I would call them my “Gymboree girls”. I started Christian in Gymboree at 10 months and started chatting with these girls. Each week we would talk, and over time we started hanging out socially. Now…many years later we are still great friends even though we all live in different spots. Even vacationed together! It all began in class…and went from there. Now I don’t believe this is the norm. I was just lucky. They came into my life at a time when I needed stay at home mommy friends.

I am thankful to have met so many great people and many of them I keep in touch with on facebook. It’s funny to think of people coming in and out of your life for such short periods of time. I enjoy chatting with people. It really makes my time more bearable at these activities. Who knows when I will encounter these “friends” again but I have a feeling I will. I wonder what they got from talking to me? I hope as much as I got from talking to them!