It’s no secret that I love to get myself involved in any Mommy and Me class I can. As a matter of fact, I pride myself on knowing about a lot of the classes the area has to offer since I review them for another site I write for. It’s always nice when one comes along that stands out among the rest. A class that is a bit different and one that is fun for both mom and baby. That’s exactly what The Happy Bookworm is. A definite must try in the Mommy and Me world.

 The Happy Bookworm Mommy and Me Class

The Happy Bookworm was started by two New York State certified teachers with certifications in both elementary education and special education, with an emphasis in early childhood education. After meeting them both I was so impressed with their love of teaching the class and interacting with the children. We all know those teachers that are bored with what they do, and these women could not be any more enthusiastic. It certainly was refreshing!

What I found the most interesting was how “preschool like” the class was. It’s an hour and a half class and includes play time, story time, art time and even snack time! I was a bit concerned with the length of the class, being that my son has the attention span of a gnat, but he loved it! He was entertained the entire class!

Each week is a literature adventure! Our journey begins with an engaging book which becomes the theme for that class. There are puppets, role playing and other props which are used to bring the story to life. The theme is carried on through out the class through the story, poems and even the art project. This was Christian’s first shot at doing an art project and I was such a proud mom. The picture is still on my fridge!

There were so many things to like about the class, but I think one of the main things were the teachers. You could just feel their joy, and it transferred to all aspects of the class.

This mommy and me class is a great learning atmosphere which makes learning fun. I can only hope my son enjoys reading as much as I do, and I think showing how fun it really can be is a great start.