When you are a SAHM you are always on the look out for fun activities to do with your kid because let’s face it….the day can get VERY long. Another tricky thing is finding activities that don’t cost a fortune because most of the time, by choosing to be a SAHM you are foregoing some or all of an extra income, and that means (contrary to some beliefs…) you can’t spend your days lunching with friends and paying for each activity you do. The math just isn’t there. That is why I found myself staying away from a local spot called Once Upon A Tree Top in Plainview. BUT…this past week I went and LOVED it! I am so sad that I stayed away so long, and I think Christian may be sad about it too!

Once Upon A Tree Top is literally down the street from my house. I’ve always known it was there, and have known people to go, but have never gone myself because of the $12 price tag for each visit. First I didn’t go cause I didn’t think a non walking child would get much out of it for that price, and then once he walked, I just sort of forgot about it. Then, the other day I went to take a trial class there and stupidly screwed up the times, and they let me go and play. Boy was I glad! Christian had the most fantastic time!

The play area is separated into little “themed rooms”. There is the grocery store, fire house, doctors office, dress up room….and more (I forget the rest). In each of the room they have toys that stick with the theme, and the best thing of all is each room seems so SAFE! If you wanted you could literally just sit in the middle of the place and let your kid run wild. They even have staff there that gets paid to just PLAY with your kid! They were wonderful with Christian!

Other than the rooms the back of the place is a playground with slides and tunnels and places to climb. This is for the older kids, but my little man found a way to get himself into the tunnels.

It’s hard to keep Christian occupied for long, so I was impressed that we played there for a full hour. He bounced from room to room, carrying things around as he went. I loved that when I got worried that he wasn’t supposed to take things out of each room I was told not to worry about it. It really was just a free and open place.

Once Upon a Tree Top has classes there too, but I love the open play idea. 10-5 each day and you can come and go as you please for the $12. It seems steep, and I guess it is, but on a rainy day when you just need to get out, this place is definitely something to consider.

Most places I go I run behind hurricane Christian picking up after him and worrying about what he could break. But not here! I felt safe there and I think so did he. Definitely 2 thumbs up from me!