Dear Christian,

For some reason 15 months sounds so big to me!! I look at you standing and playing, or watching TV and see more of a little boy than a baby. You certainly are a toddler little man, and growing bigger each day.

It’s hard to believe that my little chunkamunk is now a little peanut! My Mr. Cheeks is moving so much that he can no longer be called Mr. Cheeks. Your 15 month appointment told us that you are in the 37th percentile for height, and 19th percentile for weight (22 3/4 lbs). In my book that makes you a peanut!

You are bursting with personality! Your “stink eye” can penetrate right through strangers, and no one, not even family is safe from your crinkled face stare. You know exactly what you want, and if you don’t get it right when you want it, everyone better just watch out! On the other end you can completely be my mush man. We snuggle every morning and through out the day. I love when you crawl into my lap and we cuddle. You love to dance and watch TV. I’m not proud of it but the TV part is true. Other than that not too much excites you, but I keep on trying!

No new words this month. It seems that I anticipate every move, therefore you don’t have to ask. I need to stop that! You are signing more with out being asked which is great. Please, More, Finished, Apple, Eat, Milk, and love. I think love is my favorite. Your animal sounds are great, and are done when you even see the animal! Lion and pig sound rather similar. Both are like you are clearing your throat. Monkey, is a deep inhaled breath, and a snake is a defined ssssss. Of course you can do horse. That one you have been doing for a while! I ask you to do your “tricks” all day, but when it comes to doing them for others you are much more hesitant.

I am amazed that you mostly take two naps still. I will take what I can get because I know soon enough you will drop to one, then someday none. Now, you are an amazing sleeper sleeping at regularly 7 at night to 7 in the morning.  You still are a very picky eater, and stick mainly to yogurt and fruit. Everything else is hit or miss. One day you like something, then the next day you turn your nose up at it. Maybe one day I will figure it out.

Our days are spent playing, and snuggling, and learning new things. Always a new adventure. I can never say enough how much joy you bring into my world. The weather is turning warm and now we get to explore the outside! I can’t wait to show you more of the world.

Love, Mommy