As you know I am always looking for a great Mommy and Me class. It gives me an activity and gives my son some great stimulation. When Christian was born, I found out that my local library provides a great class that is put on by PlayHooray. It was free to those with a library card, and that my friends was a huge bonus in my eyes! I tried the class when Christian was 4 months old, and since then I haven’t been back since I have been soooo busy. Then, last week I had the opportunity to go back to the library and try it, and boy am I glad I did.

PlayHooray, established in 2001, is a fun-filled music and movement program for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and the grown-ups that love them. Their goal is to provide the opportunity for you and your child to sing, dance, march and PlayHooray together! With the adorable Molly Mouse, who introduces and ends the class, you have a recipe for a great Mommy and Me class.

Molly Mouse is an adorable puppet who the kids call out of her little box house. Instruments, stories and songs are all introduced through out the class. I took class at the library and my little guy ran around like a nut. He danced, played the maracas and helped with the story. It was so cute to watch him interact with the teacher! It is so fun to watch him grow in each class we take.

PlayHooray will also come to your child’s party! I went to a birthday party once where they entertained and it was great! They brought all the props with them, and the birthday boy even got his very own Molly Mouse! They are a great party entertainment option.

My favorite part about PlayHooray is that many local libraries bring the class to you. My library calls it baby and me. I am told that libraries can’t promote the name of a company that is “for profit”. I don’t know if that’s the case, but either way my library doesn’t call it Play Hooray. I think a FREE and FUN class is always a bonus with all the expensive Mommy and Me classes out there. Check out the PlayHooray Class schedule to see where they will be next.

That’s one major reason I wanted to share this with you. Be sure to check out all the local and free things your town has to offer. I think you might be surprised what you will find. But whatever you find be sure to check out PlayHooray if you can…you won’t be sorry!