We all know that I have been a fan of Gymboree since my little guy starting taking classes at 10 months old. So I wanted to share with you the great early bird specials they have going on right now, along with a great Daddy and Me party to celebrate Father’s Day!

Gymboree Summer Early Bird Special

If you sign up before June 3rd, you get $20 off per family and you get UNLIMITED CLASSES! You read that right….UNLIMTED! Plus if you have already been a member you get to keep your loyalty discount. Take this time to sign up for music or art and you still get to take the gym classes for FREE!

Gymboree Fall Early Bird Special

If you sign up for Fall before June 3rd you get $75 off per family AND you get a SECOND CLASS FOR FREE! So two classes for the price of one! Plus don’t forget your loyalty discount if you have one. Fall is 17 week program so you get the great deal through out the entire Fall season.

Daddy & Me Party

Celebrate Father’s Day early with the Gymboree Woodbury Daddy & Me party! Dad’s and kid’s only.

Where: Gymboree- Woodbury

When: Sunday, June 10th from 10-11 am

45 minutes of gym time and 15 minutes for bagels and juice

$20 for members $25 for non members

If you aren’t a current member, I highly recommend you give it a try. And if you do let me know and we can meet up for open play!