We all are aware that there is a silent battle that goes on between working moms and SAHM’s. It is what it is and I have a feeling it will always be that way. Is it something mom’s should be proud of no…but it is what it is. A lot of working moms say things to me such as “I’d really like your life”, or “I’d switch with you in an instant” and although I feel extremely lucky to be in the situation I am, I sometimes look at them and wonder if that person would in fact LIKE being home every day with their kids. I personally think it’s the best job in the world, but I have to admit that I don’t believe it’s for everyone….so what do you think…Could YOU be a SAHM?

Some may think being home with your kids is a walk in the park. I mean I obviously sit around all day watching TV and napping. YA RIGHT! I will tell you the day can be VERY boring. My day is filled with watching the same Dora episode, playing peek a boo, cleaning up messes, taking mommy and me classes and sticking to a rigid schedule. The day can get very long when my son is in a bad mood. He cries wines and throws himself on the floor. I don’t always dress well because why should I? I get food in my hair and I sit playing on the floor all day. Sometimes, I can’t wait for Captain Awesome to get home just to have an adult conversation. Could you do it?

I get frustrated sometimes when people say “why can’t mom’s talk about anything other than their kids”? But what else do you want me to talk about? My job is my kid, and my life is my kid. I don’t have a fancy job with fun adventures, or even other funny anecdotes about co workers. That is unless you want to hear about the funny thing Tinkerbell did yesterday. A successful day is one where my son actually eats his meals and doesn’t end up bashing his head on something. These days it’s what I know. I love it, but would you?

Most SAHM forfeit an income from an outside job. They don’t get paid for doing what they do and therefore sacrifices must be made. I work from home, but sometimes that suffers because my focus is on my son. That means sometimes I have to think twice about buying that outfit, or going out to eat. It’s a choice The Captain and I made, and one I would never take back, but would you be happy to do with out? Not many have the option to work from home like I do, so if you could survive on one income….would you want to?

Pro’s of Being A SAHM

  • You get to witness EVERY milestone with your child
  • You get to be a part of every laugh, smile and moment
  • You choose your child’s schedule
  • You get to be with your child morning, noon and night
  • You don’t have to be on a rigid errand schedule
  • You can do your errands during the week and can save weekends for fun

Cons of Being A SAHM

  • Your days are spent talking mainly to your child (not too much adult interaction)
  • The days can be long and monotonous
  • Gymboree is the activity you look forward to
  • You can’t hide from a crabby co worker or boss. If your kid is in a mood…get ready for a VERY long day
  • If you aren’t feeling well or in a bad mood there is no hiding, or putting your head down for a bit…Your child still needs you for the entire day. You must grin and bear it.
  • It takes a lot more motivation to choose to dress in more than sweat pants each day.

Don’t get me wrong. I am sooo thankful to be able to do it all. I have always felt I was meant to be a mom, and other then the tantrums I like the monotony. The point I am making is that it may not be for everyone. Before you think…wow, I wish I didn’t HAVE to go to work…ask yourself…would you really like to be home every day?