Memorial Day weekend is always one of my favorite because it symbolizes the beginning of summer. My favorite season of the year. I wait for Memorial Day starting at around January 1st, and now that it finally was here I am a happy girl. In the past this weekend was one of complete debauchery. It may have included days of drinking started at around 8 am in line for the Boardy Barn, and late nights partying till who knows when. I may not have always been happy with my choices come the mornings, but boy were those weekends fun. The past few summers have been a little different. As a matter of fact the past 3 previous summers have left me with a lack of party mood, so I thought this year I could try to be a little more fun. Maybe bring back a little of the past?

We were lucky that the weekend brought us nice weather. Although I don’t love Long Island I can always admit that it’s a great spot to be in the summer. There’s beaches, and boats and outdoor restaurants. It really is a great spot during the warmer months. So it was fun this year to show our little man a good time. We took him to Oyster bay to show him the water, but what made him the most excited were the rocks on the beach. I should’ve known! We got to take him in the pool, and we all got a ton of sun. I love showing him so many things. Even when he doesn’t get as excited as I’d like… (I have to say he wasn’t that impressed with the air show…maybe next year)

Captain Awesome and I used to always visit a bar here or there together to enjoy cocktails, but now with our little guy we haven’t found ourselves in one alone in a very long time. So we decided to remedy that and we hit up Paddy Magee’s a fun bar on the water. In the past we would dance the night away shoulder to shoulder, but this year we went earlier with the more “older crowd”, and enjoyed some beer and cocktails just the two of us. It was fun to have that time alone.

Monday reminded me how much I am going to miss our home here. We met up with neighbors and went to the pool and the kids played outside. Along with that we indulged in some pretty yummy cocktails. And what’s best is that when the little guy napped so did I! I haven’t taken a nap in months and it was fantastic!

Each day of the weekend ended with a little Bud Light lime or a skinny girl margarita and it was fun to indulge. It was no where near the Memorial Days of the past but it certainly was a different type of fun. Sharing these days with Captain Awesome and our son is just perfect.

So cheers to the men and women who serve our country, and who are the real reason for celebrating. I raise my glass to you….I hope your Memorial Day weekends were just as wonderful!