I can’t believe that it’s almost time to send my son back to school. The summer flew by way too fast! With back to school comes back to school shopping, and I was very excited to get the opportunity to start my shopping at Hanna Andersson this year.

I have always been a fan of Hanna Andersson clothes. They are well made and super cute. Two things that are on top of my list when deciding where to by my kid’s clothes. They always have great patterns and clothes that are comfortable and fit in a kids active lifestyle. One of my favorite (and my son’s)  about the Back to School line is everything STAR WARS! They even had a Star Wars Backpack! They even have you covered with Star Wars Underpants! (sooo cute!). New this fall? Charlie Brown themed items! See the blue back pack and matching lunch box in the picture? It’s what I would’ve chosen.

One item we had to go home with was a pair of Batman Pj’s. All my son kept saying was “they are SUPER Cozy”. And they were. They were soft and I know that they will fit him for a very long time. We struggled with deciding between Batman and Superman and in the end Batman won out. I had to put my foot down and not get the matching slippers…but I have a feeling he will convince me that he “needs them” in the future.

hanna andersson 2

 One great thing about Hanna Adersson clothes is that they are classic. I love that I can buy something for my son this fall and it will most likely fit him next year. That doesn’t happen with many brands. Their clothes wash amazingly well, and stand the test of time.

Now for you my dear readers! Hanna Andersson is giving you 15% off your entire purchase! Just print out this coupon and head to your local Hanna Andersson store. If you are local to Long Island like me then you can find one at the Walt Whitman Mall in Melville.

hanna andersson offer