Dear Christian,

This letter is a little late and you are about a month past your 2 1/2 year mark, but I figure better late than never. I went from writing you notes every week, to every month and now every half year. Sometimes I feel like your growing and learning have slowed down. I mean you certainly can’t grow as much or as fast as you did your first year can you? But then, I look back and realize just how much you have changed in a few short months and I am taken aback. Is that my baby boy I am looking at? Where did this toddler boy come from who no longer looks like a baby? I still hold you in my arms daily, no where close to the way I used to, but I still hold you as close and as tight as I can. No matter how big you get you will always be my little boy.

At our 2 1/2 year doctors appointment you came in at a whopping 28lbs and 36″. You are a skinny little dude! That could be due to the fact that food is a big inconvenience in your life. Who has time for a meal when there is so much to see and do every day? Not you! I try my best to feed you as nutritiously as possible, but let me tell you it is hard. Sometimes I just want to throw a pop tart at you and be done with it, but I will not let you win. Food is something we struggle with daily, but we make it work. People ask me what your FAVORITE food is and I honestly can not answer them. What you will and won’t each change daily, and there isn’t one thing that makes you excited every time I serve it. Not even ice cream or pizza. What’s up with that?

We have a nice little routine going these days. I do my best to keep you very busy and occupied. Over the last few months our days at Gymboree have come to an end. I’m not going to lie..I’m pretty upset with the fact that it’s an end of one of your baby activities, but we have moved on to swim classes and soccer. Most of the time these classes are more for me than you since you don’t always like to participate like you should. But I like to think you still are getting something out of it. You love having friends and kids to play with so any time I can put you with other kids I do.

A couple of months ago at around the age of 28 months we weaned you off your pacifier (aka wa wa) during the day time. It wasn’t as bad as I anticipated, and you now use it only in your bed at nap and bed time. With that change brought a totally new vocabulary for you. I love the conversations we have even if I don’t always know what you are trying to tell me. I speak Christian better than anyone, but sometimes it’s just hard. You don’t let me off easy either. You insist that I understand everything you are saying and will repeat it until I figure it out.

You still have a mind of your own. That hasn’t changed. You aren’t into organized activities no matter how many I put you in. You want to do things when and how you want. I do my best to teach you that you have to follow other peoples rules, but of course that doesn’t always happen. I have a feeling your stubborn, I don’t care attitude will get you in trouble in the future. Maybe you will prove me wrong? At least I will always have these letters to look back on to remind me of how things were.

You are social and will walk up to any child on the playground and say “hi my name is Christian”. You also get disappointed when that child isn’t as social as you and doesn’t respond. It breaks my heart. I have a feeling it will only get harder when you get older. At least now when kids aren’t saying hi they aren’t trying to be mean.

A couple of months ago you started going to a woman named Mrs. Matthews one morning a week. It was a really hard adjustment for me, but it’s been great. I get some time to do my work, and you get some time away from me. Your best friend Lucas is even there! I struggle with the fact that for a few hours I have no idea what you are doing. It’s weird since for the most part I know everything about your day. But I guess that’s the nature of growing up right?

We are at such a great and easy stage. You sleep well, nap well, and comfortable staying with others. Of course we have our ups and downs, but for the most part you are a great kid. You “help” me during our errands, you laugh and we talk. I am so grateful that I get this time with you. We will never get this time back, and although I know you won’t remember it I will…and I probably will never be able to tell you how much I cherish it. You are my buddy. My day is better because I have you with me.

I have to admit that one of my favorite parts of the day is around bed time. We have the best time during bath and we laugh so much when we play before and while getting on your pj’s. Then the best part is you ask me to lay in your tiny toddler bed to read a book. You snuggle and hug me so tight, and every night ask me to sleep over in bed with you. When we are done reading and I get up to go you hold on even tighter. You lay my head on your shoulder like a man would and you stroke my hair. It takes all of my might to get up and leave, but I do. I smile every night as I turn off the light and I feel truly blessed. Thank you…

In about 2 months you will be starting pre school and I am not sure I will make it. You are getting so big! You will love it though I know. You are such a confident, happy, and smart little boy (not so much when you aren’t getting your way but we won’t dwell on that). The first half of your 2 year old year has brought you from your first home into a new one. A big change for such a little boy and you took it all in stride. I am sure your second half will include so many new things. I can’t wait to see what it brings. As always I am sure I will be learning right along with you, and I can’t wait for the ride.

Love Mommy