Gotta love moving from a townhouse where other people are responsible for shoveling and plowing, to our new home only to get dumped on by 2 feet of snow! I guess I wasn’t as affected as Captain Awesome since he was the one doing all the shoveling, but it still was a huge mess here. Other than the big storm I think we are finally settling in to our new home nicely. I love so much about our new home, but I will admit it’s an adjustment. I know it will take time, and I know soon enough it will be like we have never lived anywhere else, but for now we are a bit discombobulated.

My mother and father were my lifesavers. I am not sure where my house would be with out them. My mom pretty much unpacked every single one of my boxes. Not to mention both of them carried most of those boxes from the garage into the house, and my mom did all the unpacking. I found out about the miscarriage shortly after we began to unpack and I checked out. I mentally and physically couldn’t handle any of it and they stepped in and took care of me. They watched my son, and put my house together so it would feel more like a home during such a stressful time. It allowed me to wallow and for Captain Awesome to work. I promise you that I would still have a ton of boxes just waiting to be unpacked if it weren’t for them. When my dad went home to PA my mom stayed more days to be sure it was all done. Even though she had so much to deal with in her own life she put it all on hold for me and my family. I truly appreciate it. My house now feels more like my home because of it.

One thing you don’t think about when it comes to settling in is finding new places to go about your daily life. I’m talking grocery stores, target, dry cleaners, dog groomers and great local take out. Where do you begin? My main street in town has like 4 dry cleaners. How do I pick? I am trying not to drive back to my old town to get things done because it just isn’t practical. But where will I get my nails done? All these fall under the category for “first world problems”, but they still affect my day.

I tried a Chinese food place and town and HATED it! I mean I am by far not a chinese food snob and have never hated chinese food but I couldn’t even eat it. I was so bummed…luckily we found another close one and liked that. We do like our Chinese food! There are a few nicer restaurants in town and we want to check it out when we get our date nights, but those are few and far between. I guess in time we will get there. Not like the days before kids! But our new house is walking distance to town so it will be fun when the weather turns to walk to ice cream or even to Dunkin Donuts. I can’t wait for that.

So we are settling in….our house is starting to feel more like home. My natural desire to entertain has kicked in and we will be having our first dinner party on Friday. I’m ready to be the hostess again…I love being the hostess. It makes me happy and I’m so glad I finally have the space to be better at it. So much has happened in my life these past few weeks and months that I am just happy to sit on my couch and feel settled. We are getting there….and that is just perfect!