I find it absolutely amazing how much “stuff” one can collect over the years. I have lived in my own home for about 9 years at this point (meaning stuff isn’t at my parents), and over that time I have accumulated more “stuff” than anyone could possibly need. As The Captain will be quick to tell you, most of it really serves no real purpose, but they are my things and therefore I value them. Hey, it’s quite possible that even if I don’t need the things now, I may need it in the future right? So therefore we keep it. Now, with a new baby in the house I have a feeling that “stuff” is going to grow exponentially…what the heck will I do with it all?

We currently live in a two bedroom townhouse, and I must admit we are quickly growing out of it. Yes, a lot of people out there live in smaller quarters than we do. But for me, I am starting to feel cramped. One great feature of our house is the attic. Although Captain Awesome HATES going up there (it’s a pull down steps attic), I hope he can at least admit that it serves it’s purpose well. At this point I have filled that attic up to it’s capacity. What’s in there? I sometimes don’t even know! Some of the main things are my “seasonal” decorations. I love to decorate our home for each season, and I have a TON of bins filled with “stuff” so that I can do it. Are they necessary? No…but they make me happy.

Our son doesn’t even play with toys yet, and our living area is filled with different apparatuses to keep him content. The swing…the exersaucer…the pack and play…all large items. Soon we will be adding toys, walkers and even a jumparoo! All things that take up room. And with grandparents who love to spoil him, I have a feeling that there will be a lot more where that came from!

At one point The Captain and I thought about renting a storage unit, and considered using Storage Concierge to find one that suited us, but after looking into it further we found the prices to be way more than we wanted to spend. Could we go through and purge some stuff? Sure! But I doubt that Captain Awesome and I could agree on what to keep and what to throw out. Not to mention that The Captain hates to throw things out period. So that leaves us back where we started…with lots and lots of STUFF!

Everyone tells me that it doesn’t matter how big of a home we move in to, and no matter what we’d fill that space up to the max. More space means more stuff. I think I can believe that. I am not looking into moving all this stuff out of here down the line. I can only imagine how many more things we’ll accumulate by that time. Just think where we’ll be 20 years down the line!?  I cringe just thinking about it!