donna reed

At this point I am pretty much disgusted with my inability to keep my house clean. What the hell is wrong with me? How is it that I am so bad at putting things away once I take them out? How can I be so bad at cleaning up after my family? Most importantly, how can I look at the mess every day and continue to leave it there? How do women do it? Is it in the genes? Is it more of a drive? Or is it just that they are better at being a housewife then I am? How did those perfect housewives of the 50’s do it? Forget them, how did my Grandma do it? Someone please tell me the secret!

My grandmother has every single drape in her possession not hung up marked with the date that she last washed and ironed them….did you read that??? WASHED AND IRONED! My drapes have NEVER been washed or ironed. Even when she was 85 years old she still got herself off the couch to dust. I can bet that she dusted more than me! Now that is sad!

My home is what I like to call “lived in”. If you surprised me on any given day you would find toys all over the floor, stuff lining my stairs just asking to be taken up, The Captains work laying out in his “office” (the kitchen table), and shoes piled up in front of the front door (Captain Awesome’s favorite spot to leave them). It’s not pretty by any means, but it’s home.

My question is when do you get it done? I spend every moment my son’s awake playing with him on the floor. I never put him in a pack and play so I could do other things. Right, wrong or indifferent all my energy goes into occupying my son. Then when’ he’s asleep I am either working, or have ZERO desire to clean because I am exhausted from the day. So what’s your secret?

Do I just accept that my home will never be the clean home? Do I train myself to be a better housewife? What do you suggest? There has to be a better way! What did Donna Reed and my Grandma know that I don’t?