Pinterest decorative

I love Pinterest…as a matter of fact I am thoroughly addicted. It’s a problem really, but one that I am OK with admitting to you all. But with this addiction comes a hard realization that I am less of a human being than some of these people who post out there. How can they make such wonderful things? Sometimes, Pinterest just makes me feel bad about myself.

Sometimes, I think “Wow! I love that rug!”…then I find that someone PAINTED it! Or a piece of wall art I am just dying to buy only to find that someone MADE IT THEMSELVES! How do they do it? Even with the tutorials I am at an utter loss. With each step I find myself scratching my head even more.

How about the outfits that everyone posts. Every time I see one put together I get excited and go to the link to find out how I can actually BUY the pieces. I am quickly reminded that I won’t be spending $500 on shoes or $1500 on the bag. Sweat pants are just as good right?

The recipes seem to be something that I can do…so that’s a positive, and I am loving all the activities being posted to do with my son. Out of everything I pin I think those two things are the things I can be good at and accomplish. Everything else? Not so much…

Don’t get me wrong, I love the site and will continue to PIN daily. But I also now realize that I have to be OK with the fact that I will never be a DIYer, or get to wear those fantastic outfits. Each board is more of a DREAM board and less of a REAL board.

Maybe I can convince the DIY people to let me PAY for them to make it for me!